The Beat Goes On…

Got a bunch of pots decorated but don’t think it’s enough to fill the kiln. I was gonna maybe glaze before the second bisque and had almost decided that I would but I got another idea about a variation that I’d like to try and get in the bisque load. Sometimes it’s best just to pursue the idea before the enthusiasm wanes because by the time I do a glaze firing I will have either forgotten or convinced myself it wasn’t so hot of an idea… this way I’ll know by tomorrow that it wasn’t such a hot idea. Anyway, here’s some shots of the same pots from different angles…




Here’s a pic of the sleeping demon. I would say that she’s pretty comfortable in her new home. Sorry about the picture quality but I was trying to take the picture without waking her up. My glasses were in the room she was sleeping in and I had to use the zoom to get her in the frame.



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15 Responses to “The Beat Goes On…”

  1. Joel Blum Says:

    Wow! Those look great! I really am blown away by the bowls with the small squares on the interrior as well as the outside.

  2. cynthia Says:

    “Sometimes it’s best just to pursue the idea before the enthusiasm wanes because by the time I do a glaze firing I will have either forgotten or convinced myself it wasn’t so hot of an idea…” hehehe this happens to me all the time!!

    LOVE the work – yes, blown away is an apt description.

    Gotta love the “demon” 🙂

  3. Cindy G. Says:

    Your dog is darling. Those pots are so cool. I really like the designs and color.

  4. gary Says:

    Those bowls are somethin’ alrright, and SUNGLASSES the demon!

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    Come on now, lets see some glaze fired pots for a change. your dog is a slut. I’m tired of those pots, lying rough and ready for the kiln – even your dog is trying to emulate their stance. Get those pots in the kiln now – I’m sorry – you can see I am on recess – the tyrant in me is trying to take charge via the internet. I am not my normal self – students are only back next week. Great cant wait for the glaze firing.

    • jim Says:

      my sentiments exactly… i’m tired of those pots too, itching to get to the glazing.

  6. Miri Says:

    Fantastic bowls and photos thereof! Love the photo of sunglasses as well. The lighting is fantastic—for some strange reason it looks like a “Dutch old masters” oil painting to me! 🙂

    Just curious, have you ever kept track of just how long does it takes to make one of those amazing little square bowls (decoration only, that is, post trimming, the water etching+slip etc).

    • jim Says:

      hi miri, haven’t really kept track… maybe i’m afraid to, inside takes way longer than the outside because i have to hover my arm over it – i’d guess if you don’t figure in drying time probably about 2 – 2 1/2 hours

  7. Mike Says:

    The bowls look sweet!

  8. ang Says:

    looking great! can’t wait for the glaze, do you know where you’re heading with that yet??

  9. Barbara Edwards Says:

    yep, waiting to see how that blue background looks.

    Beautiful colors in that doggie picture – the wall, the blanket – and Sunglasses’ pink toepads match her pink tummy.

  10. filippo Docks Pottery Says:

    Ciao Jim, I’m glad to see that you work a lot and good, wishes for a successful firing of your bowls.

  11. meredith Says:

    Looks to me as if you have been working- glazing is so long and so hard and sometimes you need a break and a beer- and a break and some working in the garden and a break……….
    Love the doggie porn!

  12. christi Says:

    These are GORGEOUS! great texture and colors (and what will those colors look like when fired?) wow.

    • jim Says:

      hi christi, the colors blueish color on those will turn black after the firing… thanks for stopping by

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