Little Sandbox Bug…

I figured visitors were probably getting tired of pictures of greenware and no finished pots so it occurred to me that someone else has quite a bunch of greenware that needs to be fired soon. I hope the rubberbands make it through the firing…


Sofia had me take her up on a promise to sleep out on the porch with her and although I knew it would be excruciating, I figured I’d better do it before it got hot again or else it would be excruciating and hot. We have a kind of sectional couch thingie on the porch with styrofoam bricks for cushions and they sag in each section. I imagined the surface from the side to be like the surface of the ocean at high tide. By midnight, my neck and back hurt so bad that I doubled up the “cushions” to get through the night. I hate to admit it but I guess I’m not cut out to sleep anywhere like I used to. I remember in college occasionally waking up on someone’s front lawn. There was beer involved but it wouldn’t matter how much beer I had, I wouldn’t get to sleep on the “rack” we have on the porch. Sofia had a great time though and that’s what counts right? Here’s the little bug in her domain having some chamomile tea I think…


Here’s a pic for Gary, notice those two hippo bowls getting ready for the lunch guests…



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5 Responses to “Little Sandbox Bug…”

  1. Eugene Hon Says:

    Sofia is so photogenic. The hippo bowls are fun. I also Luv the shopping trolley in the background.

  2. meredith Says:

    I am with you on the sleep thing just returning from two days of no sleep city! I use to sleep anywhere- anytime.
    Mark now calls me the princess and the pea.
    I laugh- no I am the wicked witch and prove it quite often!
    Love the bowls! What was for lunch?

  3. gary Says:

    Not eveybody is WORTHY of my hippo bowls amigo….Sofia is is too wonderful for just one….

  4. Cindy G. Says:

    You’re a great Dad to live up to that promise. I’m sure these are times that Sofia will remember forever. Those really are cute Hippo bowls 🙂

  5. Michael Mahan Says:

    If I go camping again, I’ll be bringing my pillow.

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