Chocolat <– It's French…

I decided to do another bisque [<–French] firing before glazing and although I didn’t think I could fill the kiln, I managed to do it. It’s running now and should be done tomorrow. After I got it loaded, it was time to mix up a new glaze that I wanted to try after I had done some tests in the last glaze firing. This glaze will probably be referred to as chocolat [<–French] something or other since it's the color of chocolat [<–French]. It's important with my work to have the glaze be transparent or translucent to reveal all the shenanigans [<–Irish] going on on the surface of the pot so this one should look yummy but sometimes what looks good on a little test tile doesn't actually translate to well on a larger pot. Anyway, here's the chocolat [<–French]…


Well, just for discussion sake, I guess wollastonite is the worst glaze ingredient when it comes to humidity making it clump or solidify. This used to happen to me with plaster… of Paris [<–french], if I left the bag out for a couple months, then the plaster would be all chunky and became less and less usable. The wollastonite is usable but the chunks can be rather large, some as big as a baseball, and no part of the bag is left untouched by the solidification process. Initially, I tried to use a immersion blender after water was added to all the ingredients but there was still quite a bit that would not go through an 80 mesh screen. So I made a big batch and the added step is that after there’s a slurry, it gets transferred 3 cups or so at a time into a blender and blended. This works and it comes out smooth as a baby’s ear but I had a quite large batch and took quite some time to blend it all. I had help though and here’s a shot of my helper (a jeune fille [<–French]) screening the chocolat [<–French]…



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13 Responses to “Chocolat <– It's French…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    C’est magnifique!

  2. Gordo Says:

    Now, that’s enthusiasm! πŸ˜‰

  3. cynthia Says:

    Ah oui, la jeune fille est tres belle!

    Lovely chocolat chaud colored glaze…

    We don’t have issues with wollastonite clumping here in the arid west – don’t miss humidity one bit.

  4. shawna Says:

    I like the chocolat color! yum:) Do you blunge your wollastonite first? I haven’t had issues with clumping but have a few recipes that call for the wollastonite to be dissolved in water first….maybe that would help?

    • jim Says:

      hi shawna, i don’t blunge first but maybe i should try it or dissolve in water… i’m still stuck on my mix dry ingredients a bit before adding water superstition from the old days, thanks for the suggestions

  5. gary Says:

    Holy cats, I better get down to my moist basement and check that stuff—my glaze ingredients have been sitting out over a month!!!!

  6. meredith Says:

    Are we all just a little stubborn? Potters never make life easy!
    (Dutch) the cheap side in the family.
    Good luck with the glaze firing.

  7. Alex Says:


    Would you be willing to share this recipe or at least the base that you’re working with? I would be happy to recalculate it for you without the wollastonite. My wife has been totally begging me to make up a glaze just like what you’ve got there. Nice job!

  8. Miri Says:

    Lovely glaze! Sofia’s expression says it all (and boy can I relate!): Sieving glazes sucks! Hey, hope you are still planning to post your PVC glazing gadget? Pretty please? πŸ™‚

    • jim Says:

      hi miri, probably post it soon as i’m gonna use it soon but after the buildup you may be let down.

  9. Becky Jo Says:

    Yikes. I haven’t mixed glaze in a while… perhaps I should check mine as well. I did make a feeble attempt to preserve the stuff by putting it all in big buckets with airtight lids that I bought at the Beer Crazy store. Those beer brewing whackos like to keep their hops and whatnot ‘dry’.

    Oh ya, and I LOVE the chocolat glaze.. I love chocolat everything, including the movie with Mr. Depp. πŸ™‚

  10. John Bauman Says:

    The chocolat [<–French] glaze looks ginchy [<–Beatnik]

  11. filippo Docks Says:

    Ciao Jim, Bella la foto della tua assistente Sofia con la macchina per setacciare = Beautiful picture of your assistant Sofia with the funnel to sieve

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