Where The Wild Things Are…

Fell asleep on the couch last night and Sunglasses was sleeping at my feet with her head resting on my leg… awww. I needed to adjust my position which begged the question… will my movement, however small, wake the beast and ruin my chances for more sleep? Duh… after the commensurate scratching, shaking, biting the tail, and licking (about 10 minutes) it became clear that she was gonna have to go out or there would be ICE (internal canine excretion). By the way, we’re on 8 days and counting with no ICE. After 15 minutes in the backyard, completely awake now, I settled back down on the couch and she on the futon. Right as I was about fully asleep, there was a loud noise in the dark of the other room (you know how when you’re asleep you start to doubt how loud the noise was or where it came from etc.). Anyway, the clamor sent a surge of adrenaline that awakened my catlike reflexes. Within seconds several scenarios flashed through my head, all of which were variations of… when I was in the backyard with the door open, a cat/’possum/raccoon/komodo dragon wandered into the house, in the safety of quiet and darkness came out of hiding, then when Sunglasses who demonstrates her desire to maim anything that moves daily on our walks picks up the scent, pandemonium will occur in a mad chase, knocking over pots and furniture, waking mom and Sofia, etc. Not to mention, how will I corral the critter out the door with a rabid hunter dog unrestrained. I looked over and Sunglasses was wide awake on the futon and looking in the direction of the noise. I capered and scrambled into the kitchen, banging my shin on the coffee table and knocking something heavy off the tv. I spent the next 20 minutes turning on lights and looking into every possible crevice that a komodo dragon might hide and found nothing. What I did find upon returning to the couch was the mighty huntress, who, it must be pointed out will pull my arm out of its socket while on the leash to hunt down a 5 legged ant, a blind squirrel, or a baby bird that can’t fly yet, cowering on the couch. I may be anthropomorphizing but the look on her face seemed to be asking… “did you find it? is it gone yet? eek!) Needless to say, instead of falling back to sleep then, it was more like I was on sentry duty listening for the intruder to surface again but it never did. Although it would be really amusing if mom was sorting laundry and a hissing ‘possum jumps out at her, I think it may have just been a mouse that knocked over something. Here’s the mighty huntress with her game face, she seems to be saying, don’t mess with me ‘possumface but now I know it’s only false bravado…


All that being said, there are things that Sunglasses is totally vicious about… like Sofia’s clay studio flip flops. We were glazing her tiles yesterday and in the long held tradition of studio repair we had to break out the duct tape (or as they say in the south, duck tape).


We had a great time glazing tiles. I thought for a bit that I might get a little glazing done while Sofia contently brushed away but alas you can’t let a 4 year old alone in the studio for even 10 seconds so I just helped out and made sure she didn’t put her hands in her mouth.




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5 Responses to “Where The Wild Things Are…”

  1. gary Says:

    I love you dawg.
    Your daughter’s eyes are so expessive, aren’t they?????

  2. gary Says:

    I love YOUR dawg too!
    (sticky R on this keyboard, but I guess I wuv you Jim!)

  3. Judy Shreve Says:

    Great story telling! & Sunglasses is such a cool one — only in attack mode when necessary. And I’d say Sofia is on the road to being a great artist if she’s already knows about duck (I’m southern) tape!

  4. meredith Says:

    oh those things which go”bump” in the night.
    We have had our share of night noises as well- just there to keep you from getting real sleep.
    and sunglasses- what a good protector she is.
    She made darn sure no one came and took the futon!
    Good dog!
    I can’t wait to see Sofia’s finished pots!

  5. Amy H. Says:

    What a story! That last picture is my favorite. What an artist she is!

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