Piles O’ Puppies…

My neighbors, Julie and Dan are dog people. Sofia’s known their dogs, Pablo and Annabelle since she was old enough to go for a walk. Julie and Dan have been involved in fostering rescue dogs for a while now which is an important part of finding homes for many many dogs without homes. Recently, a man in southern Kentucky was found living in a trailer with over 40 dogs, many malnourished and one even dead in the trailer. I’ll spare more details and get to the point, which is that Julie and Dan are fostering a Great Pyrenees dog now that just gave birth to 8, count them, 8 pups (the pups are probably half some other breed). We saw them the other day but their eyes weren’t open yet and we were asked back so Sofia could see them after their eyes opened. I anticipated puppy pandemonium but what we got was puppy lethargy. Here’s what we saw upon arrival…


They have a large cage set up in the basement and it’s big enough for 4 or 5 people to stand in comfortably. I took a bunch of cute puppy pics and decided I didn’t want the server to crash from too much cuteness so here’s a composite…


Of course the reason for visiting was to let Sofia hold the puppies and she was loving every minute of it although she wasn’t as gentle as we would have liked her to be…


Dan was very hospitable and although a bit antsy with Sofia handling the pups, everything went off smoothly, that is until Sofia strangled one of the pups and we had to leave. Here’s a pic where I just managed to capture the puppy assassin in action…



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11 Responses to “Piles O’ Puppies…”

  1. gary Says:

    So, will Sunglasses be getting a young brother or sister????? Those pups are soooo cute and your neighbors are great to do this.

  2. Jerry Says:

    Isn’t puppy-smell one of the best in the world? Those are some cute cute critters that your neighbors have there. The first picture is an absolute riot.

  3. cynthia Says:

    Oh my – I too half expected you to relay that you had adopted another dog! 😉 There is nothing better than puppies – squirmy, cuddly, lovable puppies.

    My daughter visited a friend of hers the other day who had just adopted a chinchilla – needless to say, Jazz is saving her money for one. Hubby and I were like, a what? But I have to admit, adorable…we nixed the idea though because it would most likely die of a heart attack from overly enthusiastic dog interest.

  4. Keith Says:

    Awwwwww…. who doesn’t love puppies… Gina and the kids gave me a pyrenees/lab mix last christmas and she is the best dog, looooves coming out to the studio. Wonderful temperment and very sweet.

  5. AnneW Says:

    Noo.. she didn’t *really* strangle that little puppy to death did she? My neighbor’s little 3 yr old was holding the poor guy maybe a little too enthusiastically.. okay, she didn’t strangle it, but she squished it to death.

    WHat sweet little puppies! Hard to imagine at that size that they will get so big in just a few months

  6. Michael Mahan Says:

    Cute puppies. The picture of you daughter holding the puppy reminds me of the time my daughter picked up two kittens and posed for a picture. I quickly took the shot and then ran over to rescue them, as she was holding them by their necks, their bodies dangling downward.

  7. Meagan Chaney Says:

    So adorable! Are you taking one home?!?

  8. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Says:

    The are so cute!!! I love puppies, just like I love babies, but at this stage I like to hand them both back to who they belong to and not worry about cleaning up after either of them! Thanks for sharing these cute pics!

  9. Gord Says:

    LOL .. Pyrenees are wonderful dogs as long as you have the space. My sister-in-law had one with her sheep before she sold them. Not one lost to coyotes after Rex came to stay. That nutbar would leap a 5′ page-wire fence to pursue a deer. Big softy, though. 🙂

  10. And, They’re Off… « Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Says:

    […] and then we headed home. Our neighbor who rescues Great Pyrenees dogs (you may remember from this post) has gotten another batch of pups… 6 this time. I didn’t take my camera but they were […]

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