Mountains Of The Moon?…

When I first looked I thought that’s what it was but then I noticed the ice cream vendor and realized it couldn’t be the moon…


So this is my wollastonite container. Thought a shot of how big those chunks are would be better than my description. I think I have another whole 50 lb. bag that’s been down in the basement for over a year, maybe it will just be one solid brick by the time I get to it.


I think I’m going to unload the first glaze kilnload today. It’s very difficult to not think about it and just wait til the temperature falls. I have several things that I’ve never fired before and although I’m sure they won’t all come out like I imagined in my best case scenario, but it’s still exciting to look forward to. I’ve tried 5 different glazes over the “black” underglaze and I’ve as many cups with the crawly glaze over the top. So if the crawly glaze doesn’t crawl I guess I’ll just have some cups with an opaque white over whatever is underneath.


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3 Responses to “Mountains Of The Moon?…”

  1. gary Says:

    OMG good luck!

  2. Miri Says:

    Exciting about the kiln! Boy those are some crazy chunks! Note to self: Make sure Wallastonite is in well-closing container!

  3. Gord Says:

    Interesting stuff. Other than seeing the wollastonite mine north of here, your blog is the ONLY place I’ve ever seen it mentioned. Now, I know one thing that it’s used for. 🙂

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