Girls Love Clay…

Sofia was so excited to unload the kiln the other day. When unloading I usually have a board with a piece of 240 grit sandpaper stapled to it and I give each piece a little twist to get any kilnwash burrs off. Of course she sees this as a necessary step in the unloading process and there were 30 or so of her little tiles in there and as I handed them to her she savored the result (for a couple seconds) and went on to the important step of rubbing them on the sandpaper block. 30 pieces is not enough for a 4 1/2 year old though and she would have stood there all day as long as I kept handing her pieces. She has names for them too… a certain kind of mark is a “monster” and one is “grass” and one’s “road”, etc. Now she has gifts for everyone she knows (the flipsides are well-sanded too) and can’t wait to wrap them. Anyway, I think she’s starting to understand the computer as a remote communication device and asked if I would be putting pictures of them on the blog. Don’t know where that came from as I don’t recall ever saying the word blog to her (blog really isn’t a word, it’s part of a word). Anyway, here they are…



Going down to 56 tonight and I’m loving it ’cause that’s sleepin’ weather. I still cannot believe it though, spent the last 23 summers in Louisville and never had anything like this in July. I may actually don a sweatshirt in the morning.


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5 Responses to “Girls Love Clay…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Congrats to Sofia! Love the picture of her surrounded by her work! My nephew (same-ish age as Sofia) is also starting to enjoy the blog world and like following our blog and commenting (he dictates to my sister of course–he’s brilliant but not THAT brilliant!). Amazing how this form of communication becomes a part of their lives so early. Very cool though!

  2. gary Says:

    Bug on the rug!
    She is mighty expressive and creative isn’t she????

  3. teri Says:

    What a wonderful and endearing article! Sophia is a wonderful clay artist! She will have her own Etsy shop hopefully one day (; Love the photos~

  4. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Jim, you gotta be one of the best dads in the world!

  5. Becky Jo Says:

    I love that your kidlette is so creative. Her little mind isn’t conformed to what a ’tile’ is ‘supposed’ to be, so she makes them all different shapes… I’m sure lots of people (including me!) wish they could go back to being a super-creative 4 year old. Good for her! Girls do love clay. 🙂

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