Beer Is Food…

I’m thinking that most dads wistfully look forward to the day when their child is old enough to take them out for their first beer. I’m no exception and after waiting almost 5 long years, we finally did just that last night. I ordered Sofia an American Pale Ale because I hoped the hopped preference was maybe a genetic thing but alas she winced at even the smell. I haven’t given up hope though because they say children have way more sensitive taste buds than adults and their bitter receptors outnumber adults by a long shot. Anyway, here’s Sofia sheepishly sneaking up on that first pale ale…


“Beer Is Food” is the slogan of our favorite local brewpub, BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company), and when the waitress/waiter asks you if you want something to eat and you say, I’m just gonna have a beer or two, they say… beer is food. I have to say it really puts me at ease. We come here all the time mostly because they have a stage for bands but during the week or any time there is no band they have a huge pile of toys. It’s deplorable that they entice those 2 and 3 year olds to start drinking so early with piles of toys but we’ve gotten over it because when the bug hits the stage, mom and dad get to have a brief conversation. Sofia really wanted me to take a picture of this car so I obliged…


Here’s a glamour shot of the pale ale (the one in the foreground). Sometimes I look at it and think… that truly is my favorite color. Wouldn’t that be a great glaze color… deep, rich, dark, transparent amber, mmmmm it would go good with chocolat <–french.


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9 Responses to “Beer Is Food…”

  1. Alex Says:

    That would be a splendid combination of colors. Combine that with your slip/resist work and you would have something WOW!

  2. gary Says:

    MY maaaaaan………

  3. Cheri @ Blog This Mom! Says:

    Well . . . it does have grains, right?

  4. Becky Jo Says:

    My husband concurs. Beer is made from carbs. Bread is made from carbs. Therefore, Beer = Bread = Food.

  5. Becky Jo Says:

    My husband concurs. Beer is made from carbs. Bread is made from carbs. Therefore, Beer = Bread = Food.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  6. meredith Says:

    My husband, and I, delight when he and the son have a REALLY good beer together. Both their taste run to hoppy and bitter. And as they both take a pull off the beer the eyebrows go up, the grins start and they both go, “Now, that’s a nice beer.”
    Then the discussions begin…. it is one of the great things about them growing

    • jim Says:

      appreciation of a good beer is one of the wonders of life and your description makes me realize that my dream is attainable.

  7. Bruno Says:

    I just looked it up yesterday. Beer’s full of B vitamins and helps stave off heart disease. It’s a great stress reducer if only for the B vitamins plus fermented foods are really good for you. I like the way it makes my head feel.

  8. elizabeth burtt Says:

    Beer, a good microbrewed, beer, from a handmade mug. That is my FAVOURITE meal

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