About Time For A Makeover…

I don’t post many pictures of myself because I am not a very photogenic person. Of course maybe I just don’t like being confronted with the way I look and how much that look is in sharp contrast to the way I think I look, you know, when I’m just living my life. Anyway, I saw someone on a ceramics blog do a before and after haircut and I thought that was funny. Now I didn’t really need a haircut (as is evident in the before side of the photo below – that’s the left side) but my barber was in today and I guess the stars aligned in a way. I go to an old fashioned barber shop in my neighborhood run by two women, Denise and Denise’s partner. I’m not as picky as I am cheap when it comes to haircutting and Denise has been cutting it for many years now. It’s funny to me that I stuck with her because I’m not a chatty guy especially at the barbershop and the first time she cut my hair she thought it was fine to confide in me about her yeast infection. I didn’t know what to say really as I had never had a yeast infection and I guess I just kept looking in the mirror trying not to think about what she was saying and convince myself I wasn’t looking older. She has since moved on to much more palatable topics. Anyway, took a pic before I left because although it doesn’t look like I need a haircut, I knew that when I took the “after” shot it would seem more like I had needed one. So the haircut has made my hair much more manageable and if you look at the picture on the right, I think I even look smarter although I told Mom that I felt like it made my nose look bigger. Right after I said it though all I could think of are the jokes about “does this make my butt look big?” and figured it was just a figment of my imagination. Here’s the before and after…


Of course there is someone who sees me in a positive light no matter how silly I look and we got a pic together…



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8 Responses to “About Time For A Makeover…”

  1. gary Says:

    You look awesome man. 🙂
    I am on my way this afternoon to the barbershop/art gallery down next to Moosewood then off to get some beers at the Chapterhouse, can ya join us around 5:15 amigo?
    (spose I should get before and after shots too…my hair is a MESS)

  2. Ron Says:

    Good to see ya there Jim!

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    You’re right… It does make your butt look big.

  4. meredith Says:

    Sigh- you two are just about as cute as a bunch of puppies or kittens .
    You always look good with a great looking girl around your neck!

  5. Peter Says:

    That is a really sweet photo of yourself and Sophia, and a very funny post regarding hair cuts. One of my more memorable hair cuts was after I had been working in an isolated forestry village for several weeks and my hair had got rather long, almost down to my shoulder. We moved to a new town and I rang up a hair dresser at random from the phone book. A young lady answered in English with a heavy German accent. We arranged for my hair to be cut. I arrived at the address she gave, and to my surprise it was a house in the suburbs rather than a shop. The door was answered by a grim, taciturn woman who marched me through to the Spartanly furnished living room. A barber’s chair was situated in a central position, and a young lady, who turned out to be the grim lady’s daughter, walked forward with scissors. Both were not impressed by the length of my hair, and the older woman reprimanded me in broken English. Telling me, that I was ” to see zem again in two veeks, unt that, hat zey known the length of my hair, zey woot have charged dupple!” The young woman then set about giving me what turned out to be a crew cut with very blunt scissors! Apart from the pain, it was hilarious! Alas, no… I was a coward, I didn’t go back for another visit in two weeks as ordered, and my wife has cut my hair from that time on. Other than a cut earlobe on one occasion, and increasing baldness, I have not suffered any ill effects of her more kindly ministrations!


  6. ang Says:

    ah, good do! looks like munkin luvs ya regardless..nice tale mr jim…

  7. Michael Kline Says:

    Great post. It’s good to see you, Jim! My girls have just discovered the joys of combing my hair. Sometimes more hair gets ripped out than combed! Oh well. Today I’m getting some new glasses, and now I’m considering a haircut. God knows I need one.

  8. cynthia Says:

    The after photo is very GQ and studious looking – dare I say “metro-sexual”? hehehe

    The photo of you and Sofia – precious!

    I once had a co-worker confide in after only meeting her an hour earlier that she had VD. Don’t know how one segues when confronted with such topics…

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