Do What Your Mudder Tells You…

I’ve got Sofia for the weekend as always and it was a rainy day yesterday. We usually go looking for big mud puddles but yesterday we found the mudderlode. I didn’t have my camera because it threatened to rain again so no pics of the actual mud tract that we happened upon next to a construction site. I happened to be barefoot too (explanations in a later post) and we spent a good hour up to our ankles… actually it was up to Sofia’s shins. I’ve heard that little girls don’t like to get dirty and I guess that’s true. I managed the pic when we got home but she had already cleaned off a little playing in a mud puddle on the way home, still I think it conveys the general mudlovin’ fun…


Here’s a closeup… all I can say is “oh yeah”…



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5 Responses to “Do What Your Mudder Tells You…”

  1. gary Says:

    OH YEAH!

  2. meredith Says:

    my little girl, who is 31 now, loved to get dirty!
    I am happy yours does as well!

  3. Cindy G. Says:


  4. Paul Jessop Says:

    Mud _ next step Clay …….

  5. SS Says:

    So cool when kids are loved this much.

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