The Long And Winding…

Trail of Resist… Tha-at Leads To Your Doo no Bisque. Not much going on today except work… gotta get to the studio. Well, there’s beers tonight, almost forgot that (almost). Anyway here’s that bowl with the black slip ready for bisque… hard to tell because the contrast is so low.


Here’s a backbreaker from yesterday…




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8 Responses to “The Long And Winding…”

  1. ang Says:

    hey jim looking good, can i make a visual ‘pillow book’ movie reference to the backbreaker…

  2. judy Shreve Says:

    Jim – these are amazing!

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    WoW… it’s a long row that you hoe.

  4. cynthia Says:

    A+ for amazing attention to detail! I don’t have the attention span for this type of work, but love how it looks!

  5. gary Says:

    Jim, my man, you are earnin’ that beer…..

  6. Eugene Hon Says:

    Goodness gracious me, great bowls for the fire. You are hooked, undeniably passionate about clay, that’s for sure. Nobody can deny that you are not only a smooth talker but also a hell of a potter. It must be the combination of the beer and the fire. Wragtig pragtig meneer Jim (really pretty indeed mister Jim – in my original home language (Afrikaans – the language of the boere in South Africa).

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    looks like you’re bowlin’ us over! This one’s gonna be a beauty!

  8. Docks Pottery Filippo Says:

    Complimenti Jim, a great beautiful result, also the bowls of the previous post.

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