Un’altra Nuova Ciotola…

I hope that’s the right word for bowl or as Filippo would say I’m writing Italiana di merda. Anyway I have a plumbing emergency and will probably not get anything done today and maybe tomorrow. Every couple years the drain to the sewer under the sidewalk gets clogged with little hairy roots from the trees and stops up. Slowly all the pipes in the house fill with water from shower, sink, washing machine and of course the worst place. If ignored the water will finally reach the lowest opening in the system which is the downstairs commode and if say, one is taking a shower upstairs, it will go down and overflow in the bathroom downstairs. The only solution I can afford is to release the pressure in the basement and I will not elaborate on how horrible a job this is but it’s definitely the worst thing I’ve had to do since becoming a homeowner and then snake out the drain. This is just like a car accident insofar as it is never a good time and it’s a terrible job so here’s a new “ciotola” and I’ll see you in a couple days…




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10 Responses to “Un’altra Nuova Ciotola…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Ugh for the plumbing, yay for the bowl.

    I believe that there is something that you can flush down your pipes every now and then to prevent the root build-up. You might want to check into that. Good luck!

  2. jim Says:

    hi linda, unfortunately not… doesn’t work that way here in louisville and replacing it would mean tearing up the sidewalk and digging a trench to replace. i do not put stain in my resist and it’s not wax, it’s shellac… this explains it much better… https://jimgottuso.wordpress.com/2009/06/20/its-a-long-way-to-tipperary/

  3. Ron Says:

    Plumbing problems are the worst. Good luck. The bowl looks great.

  4. Miri Says:

    Seems like its the day for crap jobs (though you win!). We’re cleaning screens and windows. Since we’ve added the lower levels we’ve more than doubled their number. Lovely bowl and awesome glaze.

  5. gary Says:

    I remember in the 70s kids got a kick out of tossing cherry bombs into school toilets. They would probably be smoking weed too. This is probably not helpful though….

  6. meredith Says:

    YUCK! been there- finally took out some bushes and the bonus was a spot for a garden.

  7. judy Shreve Says:

    That bowl is a beauty! Hate plumbing problems — that stuff to flush is RID X & I think it only works if you have a septic system.

  8. capricorn Says:

    The title is correct, but it is “Italiano”, not “Italiana”

    Or you would be writing “Shitty Italian lady” Instead of “Shitty language” 😛

    Just FYI 😉

    • jim Says:

      ah… so i was wrong. i thought because the noun was feminine the adjective had to be feminine but i apologize for my slur.

  9. andrewwiddis Says:

    Something like this might work, without the need to dig up the street.

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