Tres Bien Ensemble…

It’s been a whirlwind of a day so far. I didn’t even turn on the computer til after 1:00. The storms started early and it stayed so dark (it’s still dark actually) that we all slept (even the dog) til past 8:30. Then the hail, then the running around the house closing windows. There’s been really bad flooding in Louisville and Southern Indiana and fortunately we live on a hill. When the rain let up a little, Sofia, Mom, Sunglasses and I went for a walk which I knew would be fun and wish I could’ve brought the camera but it would’ve gotten wet. We usually find puddles after a rain and Sofia cannot stay out of them but today every depression in lawns and yards were like ponds. Eventually we found a “lake” at the end of a school parking lot where there is a huge depression in the grass. It was up to my thighs and Sofia got her first real lesson in how to do the doggie paddle… from Sunglasses. Sunglasses was not too happy about me dragging her into the middle of this pond but once she got where her feet wouldn’t touch the bottom, the real live doggie paddle ensued. We decided to go to lunch “as a family” and we let Sofia dress herself as always and when I got a load of sky blue clogs and faerie dress over her regular clothes, all I could say is… tres bien ensemble!


I actually had to use the flash in the house at 1:30 because it’s so dark outside and it’s still raining cats and dogs. No Scrabble last night and it should happen tonight barring some flood related delay. Here’s a bowl I was working on yesterday…


I imagine that all these pictures of bowls start to blend together but that’s what I’m working on. I decided maybe some closeups of that texture that really floats my boat…




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8 Responses to “Tres Bien Ensemble…”

  1. gary Says:

    Mmmm, texture!
    There was a puddle up to your waist?????

  2. Ron Says:

    Sounds like some pretty bad weather. I hate storms. I like the close up of that texture. Wow.

  3. meredith Says:

    I love the detail and see why it “floats your boat!”
    My daughter use to dress herself we called it Bag lady Chic!
    So cute and it goes away too fast!

  4. andrewwiddis Says:

    Never get tired of looking at your vessels; so beautiful.
    Your daughter seems to be growing fast, what do you feed her?
    Perhaps some photos of your kiln and or studio. Then some more bowls.
    Cheers, Andrew.

    • jim Says:

      hi andrew… thank you, might take you up on that except the kiln is down in the dungeon. been feeding the little one veggies mostly, it’s working.

  5. Amy H Says:

    okay… you may have responded to this before, but if not, I’d really like to see a video of how you create that texture. Beautiful pots and a beautiful girl.

  6. Joel Blum Says:

    Love the close-up. That texture is so deep I can feel it all of the way over here. The added bonus of your close-ups is being able to get a really good look at your aesthetics of application and composition… (it’s looks great!)

  7. Paul Jessop Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m loving he close ups too, I love your work, never too many pictures of bowls.

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