P U, Too Many U’s…

We had our Scrabble game last night and I didn’t fare too well. Damn U’s, I had 2 U’s four different times and traded them in 3 times. I even had 2 V’s with the 2 U’s, talk about aggravating… unless VUVU or UVUV are words. Not to be pedantic but when your rack has QVVDDO… can’t remember the 7th, you just want to throw in the towel. Of course you always think you had bad letters when you lose. Over time I have come to the conclusion that if you have bad letters, better to cut your losses quickly and trade them in (losing a turn) than try and limp along turn after turn without being able to play. The temptation is to just hang on and you’ll get a couple good letters and everything will be ok without taking the hit of a lost turn. This strategy has served me well but last night I hesitated and didn’t do it right away and that may have cost me. Anyway, it was a fairly handsome board…


Yesterday’s post was about all the fun we had out playing in the water and although I knew it had to be worse in places, I had no idea how bad parts of the city were. Here’s a picture of Churchill Downs…


Here’s a neighborhood a couple miles from me called Butchertown…


And it’s supposed to rain again tonight!


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15 Responses to “P U, Too Many U’s…”

  1. gary Says:

    SH!T! Lookit those cars! Is the Ohio over the banks?

  2. Cindy G. Says:

    Wow. That’s just crazy!

  3. Miri Says:

    Water can be a very scary thing! Glad to hear you guys are up on a hill. Hills are good!

  4. Gordo Says:

    Wow, that’s nuts! Floaty, watery nuts. I’m glad I live on a hill. 🙂

  5. meredith Says:

    that is crazy weather u!

  6. ang Says:

    wow that’s a big puddle…hope it drains away soon..

  7. red dirt girl Says:

    WOW – Water, water everywhere but not a single drop here, where we are experiencing 100+ degree temps and one day of rain out of two months of drought. What the heck is goin’ on with the weather patterns ???

    I’m beginning to think ‘aliens’ ……. ha!

    You should talk to Soubriquet about Scrabble …. as he managed to lose TWICE to my red dirt mulish tactics. This now makes THREE LOSSES in his column … He swears I cheat. Me? A red dirt mule? cheat ? harumph. I just like knowing where all the letters are hanging out, ya know ???? haaaa ………


    • jim Says:

      hi kiersten… i’ve been peeking in on your adventures with soubriquet, looks like much fun. if this scrabble is an ongoing thing, you all might think about the super scrabble… the games last 3-4 hours and might give him a chance to make a roaring comeback, he might be a marathoner and not a sprinter

  8. Michael Mahan Says:

    What’s super scrabble?

    Maybe I’ll get the board out tonight for a game. I find it hard to turn all my letters in and skip a turn, but I think I’ve done it. I think you’re right. You’ve got to do it right away. Have you ever used all the letters in your rack? I remember my mother doing it once. You get to choose more letters and have another turn.

    We had a good rain last night. No leaks in the tool shed that I could see this morning.



    • jim Says:

      hi michael, super scrabble is played on a larger board with twice the letters. it takes 3-4 hours, sometimes longer, if you are a scrabbler and have a person who loves to play, it’s the way to go. when you turn in letters and skip your turn you don’t have to turn them all in, just the ones you don’t want. as far as playing out, i did it in the pictured game (of course i still lost). the friend i play with i think did it 3 times in one game.

  9. red dirt girl Says:

    hi jim,

    our scrabblin’ games ALREADY last 3 or more hours !!! Soubry is a wily player and the master of making 3 words out of one play!!! He claims he’s ‘let’ me win just because he can’t stand listening to my whining when i lose ……. ha !! I’m from a long line of cut-throat competitive gamers ….. players beware, i say. My sweet son’s girlfriend refuses to play even a game of UNO with us after we tormented her with a scrabble rabble during spring break. sigh. i’m less than perfect, i suppose 😉 but i DO KNOW the definition of the word GAK !!


  10. Amanda Barr Hawkins Says:

    oh wow. you look like we did last summer. in Iowa at least it can be expected from time to time, but there? I would have never thought it.

  11. soubriquet Says:

    That scrabble board? Hm. Oh, first, I must say RDG is a villain to play against, I’ll say no more, but… hm. Dirty tactics….
    Whereas I am of course, a gentleman at all times.

    We disagree on the arbiter of our games. I believe in a real dictionary, and I’ve been brought up to see the Concise Oxford English Dictionary as the ideal one. The full Oxford English Dictionary runs to twenty eight volumes, and is a bit cumbersome.
    My rules, unlike hers, allow no looking up of words in dictionary, word lists or whatever prior to a word-play, only after a challenge.
    She has a nasty little book called a “Scrabble Dictionary”. It’s not a dictionary, it’s a set of word-lists.
    The scrabble I was brought up with insists that if you put down a word, you have to be prepared to say what that word means, not simply that “It’s in the list, so I can.”
    Our Scrabble games are fierce, but being a gentleman, I hate to make a lady cry, so she carries an onion to wave under her eyes if it looks as though I might be about to throw down a syzygy on a triple-word score.
    Super-scrabble looks promising, but we’d need a servant to bring food and drink during the marathon sessions. And, I think, a chess-clock, or similar device to limit think times. Both she and I can ponder at length, you know, might have a word to use, but… that might give the oppnent a shot at a high scoring square, so is it better to go for a modest score elsewhere?

    On your pictured board, hmmmmm
    Evoe? What’s an evoe? I challenge!
    and what’s that big word up the top, with a blank? r*airing? re-airing perhaps? Challenge! it needs a hyphen, and is therefore inadmissible.

    Your Q could be used above the ‘i’ in quit, a double word score, netting 22 points, ‘qi’, the life-force, the spirit.

  12. jonlaustsen Says:

    Evoe, I can’t find it in the online scrabble dictionary let alone the Merriam-Webster, but I heard it mentioned on the Jean Shepherd radio show from 1959… it was in the NYT crossword puzzle and he found out it was the cry of bacchanals.

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