Bright White Clay…

It was a banner day yesterday… Sofia and I had some breakfast and walked the dog before the heat rushed in. She was invited to play with a friend down the street so I waited for her to come home before unloading the bisque. She put on her duct taped flip flops and went down into the netherworld of the basement with me. Here she’s cleaning one of her tiles…


Notice that in the background is the filthy floor but it’s dry, the firing must have helped that a bit, of course who knows what kind of critters are lurking in the crawlspace. We have a full day today too and it’s gonna be hot. Here’s a bright white bisque piece fresh out of the kiln and a closeup of that groovy texture I dig so much…


bisqueThat damn twitter doesn’t work still.


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10 Responses to “Bright White Clay…”

  1. Joel Blum Says:

    The glory of a dry floor!
    LOVE that texture. MmmmmmMmmm

  2. gary Says:

    I dig it tooo baby…..

  3. Heidi Says:

    Wow, the detail on your bowl is amazing! How long did it take? How’s the flood?

    • jim Says:

      hi heidi… thank you, not sure on how long, probably 7/8 hours on decoration if i don’t count letting it dry in between coats. the flood is over but several places are still dealing with the damage

  4. meredith Says:

    this should be a nice bowl with the white clay and the blue- I think must be blue slip.
    I have my office in my basement and share it with all sorts of “friends.”
    I heard twitter flew off yesterday-

  5. Miri Says:


  6. red dirt girl Says:

    groovy is right! soubry loves his teacup and the ‘chattering’ on it ???!!! i swear, i’d buy anything that cute Sofia of yours is selling and pay DOUBLE the price. She’s soooo cute !!


  7. ang Says:

    groovy indeed..

  8. Jason Says:

    Love Sofia… the design!

  9. Cindy G. Says:

    Sofia made a wonderful tile.. So cute. The close up on the bowl design is amazing.

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