When It Rains, I’m Poor…

Well, it all started one Monday evening. We let Sofia stay over at the grandparents’ house and went out to dinner and a concert. There’s a first time for everthing. But what to do about the dog? She’s completely ruined our couch and it’s not like it’s gonna be fixable but on the other hand we don’t want to let her continue to have a styrofoam and stuffing orgy every time we leave the house. Here’s the solution we’ve come up with since then…


The pic isn’t so good because of the light coming in the window. But that night we decide… put her on the tether in the back yard. What we didn’t do was check the weather… it’s not so much out of neglect, but more that the curmudge in me believes that the weather forecasters don’t seem to know if it’s gonna rain until they’re wet. So off we go and right as we arrive at the theater, it starts to rain. We thought about it for a minute (actually I was preoccupied with it during the entire opening act) and decided that a little water was going to hurt her. After the concert we raced home to let her in and it turns out the storm was much worse than we thought. Sunglasses acted relieved that we hadn’t moved to another state and left her in the back yard forever but she was a little worse for wear. We had to carry her immediately to the bathtub and wash her off because she was covered with mud. Here’s the little demon with her new toy, doesn’t look like she trusts me anymore…


Then I realized that the electricity had gone out and some outlets still weren’t working so I went and reset the breakers. Everything fine right? Nope, the phone didn’t work which means the internet connection didn’t work. Then I checked the basement and there’s over an inch of standing water. The next morning I call the phone company and the guy shows up in the afternoon and was here for at least 4 hours. After doing all the work outside, including trimming 2 trees, he comes to the door and says… “well, you’re all set, I’ll called your phone, did you hear it?” Nope. He looks at the phone and interchanges plugs and calls and listens to dial tones and finally, “your phone’s fried… you need a new one.” But you internet should be working. I said let me check before you leave and he says… “no problem, but I’m sure it’s working, you’ve got a dial tone.” I boot up the computer and open a browser… nope. “Hmmm” he says, about an hour and a half later the diagnosis is that my modem is fried and the ethernet port on my mac is kaput. So I’ve been down for almost 3 days and the storm’s casualties include a traumatized dog (my fault), fried phones, fried modem, fried ethernet port… and I thought I was gonna glaze. Coincidentally, while I was incommunicado, Heidi Fahrenbacher mentioned me on her fine blog and that I post almost daily and of course anyone who visited from her blog noticed that I hadn’t for days. Thank you Heidi if you’re reading this. All that being said, the concert was one of the top 3 concerts I’d ever seen… it was fantastic and seemed tailor-made for me except the part where the leader of the band got everyone to stand up for the second half of the concert. Mr. Old Man Plantar Fasciitis was in some serious pain. The opening band was named Blind Pilot and we liked them alot… they managed to combine great vocals with the normal instruments but with the added distinction of a trumpet, banjo and xylophone thrown in. The main act was the Decemberists who I was only made aware of 6 months ago. It was like a bolt from the blue when I first heard them and I love their music, especially the writing which I haven’t heard the likes of in many years. They played their last CD from start to finish and it was more like an operetta than separate songs. It was a stunning execution of a 45 minute CD with different characters singing different parts. After break, they played some of the older songs. There were 2 female vocalists (they also played instruments) that sang during the first half of the concert and for an encore they were brought back out. I was sitting down because my feet hurt so bad and couldn’t see, then Colin Meloy, the band’s leader started playing the guitar and I turned to my friend and said… “what’s that? I know this.” At first I thought it was hilarious that they were actually going to cover Heart’s “Crazy On You”, but when those two women started wailing, it sent shivers up my spine. Watching the band play and horse around made me envious that anyone gets to have that much fun. Colin Meloy ended the evening by having 4 of the band members wade into the audience at about the 4th row and he narrated a horse race with one guy as Sea Biscuit and a couple as the owners and one woman was a squirrel that also became Sea Biscuit’s jocket. Completely adlibbing, he ended the little horse race with a meteor crashing into Kentucky and destroying it and most of the continental United States. Everyone was laughing and no one seemed to want it to end. Anyway, glazing away and was wondering if any crawly glaze people think this one’s gonna flake off and ruin my shelf…



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11 Responses to “When It Rains, I’m Poor…”

  1. Lois Aronow Says:

    Resident crawly glaze person here – is this meant to be a crawly glaze, or is it just thick? It’s really impossible to say if it will come off the pot. doesn’t look like it, but all bets are off once the heat starts. It doesn’t look like it will flake, but it may spit. Or not.

  2. ang Says:

    short answer…yes!!

  3. ang Says:

    grat blog though, what an adventure….or not..

  4. ang Says:


  5. gary Says:

    Oh Jim, maaaaaaan…….

  6. judy Shreve Says:

    What a tale — I think Sofia is teaching Sunglasses how to pose for pictures — that look is priceless. So sorry you have so many issues — god -fried modems & phones & water in the basement & feet that hurt — I think you need to put some Decemberists music on — turn it up really loud & just forget all your troubles . . . . make more pots . . .

  7. cynthia Says:

    Well your story started out good – concert…grandparents watching daughter…but then when you mentioned the sofa, I thought, uh-oh this is not going to end well!

    Wow – what a bummer about all the rain, modem, mac etc. I think you suffered your share of misfortune and are now immune for awhile now.

    Is that a reglaze? Or is the green shadow inside something else?

  8. Joel Blum Says:

    Whew! Did you piss off an old weed whitch or what!
    That looks like a perfect application for that that glaze, it sould be fine and crawl up nicely.

  9. meredith Says:

    And here I was thinking that you wre too busy glazing to blog.
    And I think my life has bad days……
    The music sounded like it was great, even if you had to pay to play.

  10. Amanda Barr Hawkins Says:

    Have you tried spraying the glaze *lightly* with water? Or glazing the pots while they were slightly damp? You may also try some enhancers, like Apt II (I don’t know how they would affect a crawl glaze, as I’ve never tried it, but they work well in most standard glazes)

    The community studio I teach at has a lot of problems with contaminated glazes cracking and falling off pots, and these are some of the things I have my students try.
    But yes, that looks like it *will* fall off. Crawl glaze or no.

  11. Nissan Says:

    What happened with that glaze that was cracking and peeling before you fired it? I am having a similar problem with one of my glazes these days and since I have a ton of the glaze, I’d like to try to add something to the glaze to prevent this.

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