The Braidy Bunch…

It was one of those days yesterday. The bug woke up early with a bug, headache and fever. Dad had to lie down for quite some time and get her to go back to sleep. I felt a little funny myself too. Mom took her to the pediatrician and I started loading the kiln. Later they were playing on the couch and Sofia just fell asleep, here’s a pic of sleeping beauty…


Sunglasses even seemed a little subdued… here she is docile as can be with the sleeping demon inside.


We did, however, find something that the demon dog does not like. I was cooking rice for stir fry and didn’t want to have the rice cooker, which vents off steam, fill up the nice cool kitchen with that steam… so I snaked an extension cord out the window of my studio and put the rice cooker on the little back porch. Sunglasses had to go do her thing (COP) in the back yard and when we opened the door to let her out, she was afraid to pass the evil rice cooker. I wish I had known earlier, we could have put the rice cooker on the couch whenever we left the house. Later Mom put some braids in Sofia’s hair and of course that means everyone has to have braids. She would have done the dog’s if her hair wasn’t so short…


Obviously Mom doesn’t want me taking her picture. So the kiln just went off and I guess I’ll unload sometime on Saturday, although a strange thing happened and I’m not gonna be able to relax until then. I didn’t look at and remember the time when I turned the kiln on but I think the temp was at 68 when I hit “on” and I thought it was around 5:00. I went to the dungeon at about 6:15 and the temp was at 444. The program (from memory) goes to 200 at 100 degrees/hour and holds it for either 10 minutes or half an hour. Then it proceeds way past 444 at 300 degrees/hour. So at 100/hour, it would have taken almost 1 1/2 hours just to get to 200. I could be not remembering the time but doubt I could be that far off and then I kept going down to see if it was acting squirrelly in some other way. It seemed to follow the program after that and I was starting to think maybe I just imagined it or didn’t get the start time correct but when the computer controller is done with the firing, it flashes the total duration of the firing and it is over an hour shorter than most firings. I guess I’ll find out in a day or so.

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8 Responses to “The Braidy Bunch…”

  1. gary Says:

    Poor bug!
    You’re cute, Jim, with those barrettes in your hair….

  2. Gay Judson Says:

    But the kiln is not starting from 0. When I started my on Tuesday it was already at 81 degrees.

    About the Blue Nue: Oops it is Gnu Blue
    It is the Gnu Blue. I dipped the whole cup in the glaze and then dipped the top 1/3 again in the same glaze. You should look at the Blue Nue on John Britt’s site: Clay Club. ( It is back a while (mid-July)–but it has a nice picture and he gives the recipe there. His has a lot of dark brown and maybe it is more blue than greenish.

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    Nice baretts, the “Hello Kitty” ones would have been nice.

  4. Cindy G. Says:

    Sofia sure has a wonderful Mom & Dad. Too cute!
    A couple weeks ago I had to do a glaze re-fire due to a power outage. It was several hours before I could restart the kiln, but when I did restart, the kiln was still quite warm. The run time was over an hour shorter than normal. The pots came out good.

  5. meredith Says:

    oh you guys are just too cute! You are the best getting into the braids with the little bug.
    I will keep my toes crossed all comes out well- I would also put the rice cooker on the sofa!

  6. ang Says:

    don’t ya hate spooky firings, nothing to do till opening time though hope its all ok..charming doo jim you should wear it often…hi to mrs jim..

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    I don’t know if I could cope with the suspense of those long firings and the seem forever eternal wait, with all my eggs in one basket?. No I don’t think so. You and all those wood and gas firing studio potters must have nerves of steel. I will most definitely have been an alcoholic by now. Thank God – mine is in and out and with John Shriley’s knowledge of Science – especially with his knowledge on the impact of the heating and cooling on the clay structure, we can get it in and out even faster (if required for student’s moderation) with the knowledge that everything will be fine. Trust it will be a very good firing, with many special results.

  8. Michael Mahan Says:

    Cute braids, Jim.

    I love the picture of your daughter. Very peaceful.

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