Much Ado About Nothing…

Well, not exactly nothing but the pots look fine or should I say they look like they’ve gone through my normal firing but… I still have no idea why my total firing time as displayed on my computer controller is more than an hour short. Can’t really think of anything I can do except maybe replacing the thermocouples but the pots fired the way they were supposed to. I didn’t have time to get pics but I couldn’t resist on one wee experiment. Remember this mug?


I was worried that the glaze would flake off and make a glaze puddle that I’d have to dig out of my kiln shelf. That didn’t happen but check this out…



Now here is where those years of ceramic experience are able to provide insight when I could never have figured this out when I was younger… these two glazes were not meant to be put one on top of t’other. That being said I’m kind of drawn to it in a way. I’m not a big glaze namer and calling my last experiment Chocolat (<–French) was… well, it was meant to be but this one, so many come to mind. How about Poisonous Frog Skin or Satan's Froth or Demon's Vomit. I don't actually believe in hell but I can picture Cerberus taking a break from guarding the 3rd ring (the one I'd end up in where all the gluttons go) in Dante's quaint tale, drinking some fine java (Fair Trade of course) out of a mug with this glaze. Of course I could go the other direction and try to make it seem more desirable with Teal Lava or Sensational Sencha Effervescence or Melted Pistachio Sorbet but now that I've said the icky ones, they'll stick in our heads and there's no turning back. Robin's Egg Hocker?

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9 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing…”

  1. Jeff Campana Says:

    well… nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  2. Miri Says:

    My that does look like a bad case of something mighty nasty! Very creepy glaze effect. 😉 I vote for “Poisonous Frog Skin” — looks pretty damn contagious!

  3. Alex Says:

    wow. that is just hideous. like something one would give to in-laws you HATE. or to an ex who insists on being friends. or maybe bring to an office party gift exchange….

    sounds like a great gift idea….


  4. Joel Blum Says:

    Did I mention that it’s a really finicky glaze?
    That looks COOL!
    My mini sidekick votes for demon vomit.

  5. gary Says:

    I like it !!!!

  6. Peter Says:

    Love it!

  7. meredith Says:

    let’s just go for broke and call it money!

  8. Michael Mahan Says:

    I like the new glaze. I think it goes with the etched bowls in some way, if only those little craters could be toned down some.

  9. elfriede Says:

    i think sponge-bob square pants would LOVE this mug

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