From Demon’s Vomit To Chocolat <– It's French…

After my last glaze firing, I had decided that the chocolat glaze worked well with the black underglaze so I put it on a couple different designs. I was particularly interested in the little squares design imagining them with the same glaze but different hues. Anyway here’s the chocolat glaze with the little squares…


I think I’ve tried the crawly glaze over the top of six of my workhorse glazes. If I factor in that some have the same base glaze then it’s only over 4 different glazes but the range of how the crawly glaze acts is pretty dramatic. Yesterday I posted the Demon’s Vomit cup which represents the not cooperative end of the spectrum, then there’s a couple in the middle and then others where it was on pretty thick but didn’t crawl, just made the glaze underneath go matte. This is not a bad thing because I like an easy way to get a matte glaze. Then there’s this one where the glaze underneath has lots of FeO (10% if I remember correctly) and I’m not sure if I like it or not but since the crawly glaze didn’t have any problems sticking, I might give it a go with a thicker application.



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5 Responses to “From Demon’s Vomit To Chocolat <– It's French…”

  1. gary Says:

    Super gorgeous my man!

  2. elfriede Says:

    just looking at that chocolate glaze makes me feel so….so In Love!

  3. Joel Blum Says:

    Nice rich surfaces… absolutely stunning! Love those handles!

  4. pru morrison Says:

    beaut choc on black ug on bowl, reminds me of a coffee cup my dad had..,but with much more skin/ pigmentation.. a vessel with skin like lineage, real real good

  5. Richard Kollmar Says:

    I’m really glad that you are making mugs, and very good ones, too, if this one is representative of your work. The coffee/tea mug is the North American vessel par excellence. Surprisingly few artist potters take it seriously, though, perhaps because it hasn’t the tradition of the tea bowl. Like the glazes very much. Have you any mugs for sale?

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