It’s Gwine Take A Leak Detective…

My basement has finally dried from last time and I was thinking maybe in a day or two I could build a wee parapet around the base of the furnace with that hydraulic cement… but I looked at the forecast and it’s gonna rain for 3 days straight. Hard to believe considering the amount of rain this year already. Last week I went outside the house to explore my last hypothesis about where the water was coming from and all along the wall where I thought it might be coming in was bone dry. My friend is building a website for one of these basement leak fixing companies and while going through the info on the site told me he read that sometimes the water comes from underneath and can be virtually untraceable as far as where to look for repair. Of course they would say that. So I guess when it starts to pour, I’ll set up a little chair and play leak detective waiting for the river to emerge. I hope it’s not from under the big workbench that blocks most of the wall on the side that seems to be where it’s coming from because it will take me days to figure out where to put all that stuff and how to get the bench out of the way as there’s not that much room in the basement to begin with.


Here’s the four different colors I have so far for the little squares bowls…


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11 Responses to “It’s Gwine Take A Leak Detective…”

  1. Alex Says:

    What sort of drainage system do you have around the perimeter of your home? Drainage tile? French? Do you use a sump pump?

    We’ve ended up with having to deal with all sorts of flooding remediation techniques over the years. Good luck!

    • jim Says:

      i’ve never really had any flooding problems before, i think my system is called “lots of ivy growing along the side of the house”. i know nothing of drainage tile or what french is. i was thinking that installing a sump pump may be the most economical solution.

  2. Kitty Shepherd Says:

    Thrilling bowls, I like them together like this.
    Sorry about your leak, my workshop is as dry as an ossuary at the moment, so much so I have got wet towels all along the bottom of the doors where the drafts are.

  3. judy Shreve Says:

    You are turning out such beautiful work — what a hassle to be distracted with a mysterious river flowing in your basement! Sure hope it’s a quick & inexpensive fix.

  4. gary Says:

    Strangely, even with a river out back, our basement never floods (knock on wood) and everybody else aound us does. And our house is super old….maybe you have an undergound stream?
    GORGEOUS bowls….

  5. meredith Says:

    Yummy bowls- they need names that relate to food- I could take a bite of each one.

  6. Gordo Says:

    Ugh, I remember digging up my parents’ house and re-waterproofing the basement walls when I was 13. What a horrible job. Sure convinced me that I didn’t want to dig ditches for a living. 😉

    I’m really digging that square pattern.

  7. kate Says:

    Great bowls! Love the color, shape and pattern.

  8. ang Says:

    hey jim, your bowls are brilliant, love the range…have you double checked your plumbing attempts?? although i think you’d know that smell… : )

  9. Eugene Hon Says:

    The bowls is just amazing, especially the colour combination. They work so well as a set, the hues balance just perfectly. the green and rose/ maroon colour are my favourites, especially next to the honey coloured (ochre) and yellowish bowls. The sheen of the glaze is also just right – not too shiny. You have got it down to a fine Art meneeer. Great work from the master – trust they meet your creative expectations. Lekker bly

  10. elfriede Says:

    oh my freakin god….these are SWEET! gorgeous colors

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