Guacamole Time’s A’ Comin’…

Sofia was sitting on the porch when the mail came today and she gave birth to 6 huge avocados. Actually, Miri sent them from their tropical paradise backyard in Puerto Rico. If you go to Nick and Miri’s blog you can see videos of Nick getting mangoes out of their tree and hacking coconuts in half with a machete as well as all the clay making that goes on there. Miri recently did a pretty exhaustive post on some cone 6 glazes that is well worth a look if you fire to cone 6 oxidation. Anyway, thank you both so much for the package and Sofia says thanks too. The avocados aren’t ripe yet which is good and they will no doubt all ripen simultaneously which will require big bags of corn chips, beer and …. GUACAMOLE! Here’s the bug with the bounty…


Miri knows that Sofia is big into tile making and was very gracious in sending Sofia one of her lovely tiles. Sofia was beside herself with the little drawstring bag that it came in and since it had a magnet on the back, she decided it was the sun to hold up her winter scene collage on the refrigerator. Thanks again Miri



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3 Responses to “Guacamole Time’s A’ Comin’…”

  1. jim Says:

    hi linda, miri said the avocados were ok but that certain things were prohibited, the pina mangoes for instance that you can’t get here are supposed to be a cross between pineapple and mango. that really peeked my interest when she mentioned it on her blog but i guess they won’t let them in to the US.

  2. Miri Says:

    Just came down from painting the ceiling. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face Jim! The photos of Sofia are just precious. So glad everything arrived in good shape (and not as pre-made guacamole…).

    I made the stamp based on a Taino sun petroglyph (“el Sol de Jayuya”) so Sofia is dead on! She can watch a video showing the exact location of that petroglyph in Puerto Rico here:

    As Puerto Rico is a US territory, no customs is needed (and you don’t need a passport to visit!). Certain goods must go through the USDA and some are forbidden full stop. Avocados are A-ok and clearly travel quite nicely in USPS flat-rate priority mail boxes: 2 days door to door…I’m impressed!

    p.s. I thought Sofia would like that little bag… 🙂

  3. Bruno Says:

    she’s a butte alright

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