Kiln Is Firing Again…

I was going to fire two nights ago but they forecasted storms, then there weren’t any. Same forecast again yesterday and for the next 3 days so I just figured I may as well do it because I didn’t want to wait 4 days anyway. After this load… photography, which I don’t enjoy, but might some day if I ever figure out the lighting. My brother is visiting from central NY state and he’ll be here tonight or tomorrow. He’s really depositing my niece to college but I’m hoping somewhere in there that he and I can sneak off to Sergio’s to try to decide which 3 beers to get out of the 1000 he has now. He is open finally but I haven’t made it in yet. Yesterday, did some more work on greenware that I won’t be able to bisque until I make more work (throw), here’s an action shot…


Here’s one of the bowls that I like from the last firing that I will be taking better (hopefully) pictures of next week. The bigger pictures that display after clicking on these seems less blurry to me…




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6 Responses to “Kiln Is Firing Again…”

  1. gary Says:

    mmm baby, luscious looking bowl!

  2. artistatexit0 Says:

    Great work as always. Hope you have a good time at Sergio’s with the bro. Still, wrapping my head around the niece going to UK? Seems a fur piece from New York.

  3. soubriquet Says:

    This one’s really striking. As before, I’m fascinated by the level of detail you work to, but it does make them look really good.

    I also wonder, if, in five hundred years, an archaeloigist digs one of these up, they’ll spend the rest of their life looking for the Rosetta stone to decipher the message?

  4. soubriquet Says:

    Archeaoiligits? I seem to have caught a nasty dose of lysdexia, I blame the new keyboard.
    Naming no names, the previous keyboard, which knew my idiosyncracies, died after a ginger-beer spillage. I opened it up, with the hope that a wash-out might save it, but GB had eaten its printed circuit tracks.

    • jim Says:

      hi soubriquet, those future archaeloigists are gonna have more trouble than they did breaking the code of hammurabi and the mayan glyphs combined because the key will die with me. i mention RDM’s ginger beer dilemma to a friend and when i said that she had tried reed’s (was that it?), he agreed that it was awful. he said that he always has a 4-pack or 2 of stewart’s ginger beer. regretfully, i am not a ginger beer connoisseur so i can’t take full credit or blame for the suggestion. either way, it will still probably ruin the keyboard

  5. soubriquet Says:

    Given the way it dissolved the printed circuit, i might recommend its use in etching.

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