Busy Bug Day…

Just a quick post, 63 degrees out this morning and we’re going to walk the dog. Then we’ll unload the kiln, I peeked in and it looked like it fired correctly. Then my brother and nieces are coming to visit. Here’s one that I was working on yesterday. It’s kinda ’50’s-jazz-album-coverish don’t ya think?


Using an irresistible segue, someone posted this list the other day of the all time worst album covers. Here’s one of my faves, one that would probably really cheer you up on a one of your down days…


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3 Responses to “Busy Bug Day…”

  1. gary Says:

    Its the little white zipper boots that catch your attn…and the way they match the tie and shirt….

  2. meredith Says:

    me and Gary are both looking at those boots and tie.
    His friends all died to get away from those clothes!
    A bit of Miles Dewey Davis III up there?

  3. Jason Says:

    Ooo, that is bad.

    But I really like the design on the bowl!

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