Matt And Dave’s Clay…

A while back Matt sent me some of Matt and Dave’s Porcelain For The People and I did a post about how I thought it threw. Although a bit different from the clay I’m used to which I would expect with any new clay, my overall feeling was that it was an excellent throwing porcelain. That being said, it was only a relatively small part of how I abuse clay so I withheld judgment until it went through the gauntlet. I decide to beat the hell out of it (at least metaphorically). First, it was thrown thin and then the foot trimmed just as I always do. Then I put on a layer of resist and usually I’m pretty gingerly at this point because I’m not trying to etch it too deeply because I know I’m gonna etch it again and the pot isn’t thick enough, but in this case I really etched it quite deep. I was trying to find out how the resist held up and how the clay responded to “hydro-abrasion”. Two big thumbs up here as it worked very well on both counts. Then after drying completely, I applied more resist and did it again and still it held up extremely well, in fact some areas that were left were extremely thin, maybe 1/16″ – 3/32″ in places. I felt this would be interesting when I gripped the bisque pot with some glazing tongs. After the bisque, the pot was a bright white, even a touch brighter than what I currently use. For glazing I dipped it once, then applied wax all over the piece, wiped away the exposed areas and redipped again after drying. It was fired to ^6 and down-fired to 1500 degrees F. I have to say that Matt and Dave’s clay’s performance was excellent during the entire process. Here’s several pics of the same pot…






Photography this week, which I hate but it will be nice to get it out of the way and upload some pots to Etsy.

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6 Responses to “Matt And Dave’s Clay…”

  1. gary Says:

    Jim, man, looks awesome…..

  2. Miri Says:

    Very cool. I’m especially impressed by the rings inside the bowl…I wish I had such a steady hand! You usually fire to Cone 6, yes? I was curious about Matt & Dave’s promise of a cone 6 porcelain. Is this what you tested or is this the cone 7-10 clay?

  3. HeidiMCF Says:

    looks great! I didn’t know you had an Etsy shop!?

  4. Matt Katz Says:

    The clay is very rugged at cone 6. The reason why we classified the clay at cone 7-12 is because although the clay works well at 6 it is not quite matured to where I like it a cone 5. A lot of people use cone 5 and cone 6 pretty interchangeably. As a Ceramic Engineer I am not comfortable with this, as they are two distinct temperatures. So to prevent people buying the clay, firing it to cone 5 and coming back with complaints of it not being mature enough. I changed the general definition to cone 7-12 (but it does very well at cone 6).
    The dedicate Mid temperature (cone 5 and 6) is in testing right now. Matt

    • Miri Says:

      Thanks Matt for your reply (and Jim for the reports!). I’ll be curious to try your clay once I’ve finished my glaze testing.

  5. red dirt girl Says:

    gorgeous, jim. just simply gorgeous!

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