More Scrabble Babble…

We had another round of Super Scrabble last night. It was a rip-roaring game until the last hour or so as I jumped out to a big lead in the beginning (this is usually ominous) and had it slowly whittled away until it was tied after about 2 hours or so. Then I got a damn Z I couldn’t play and I actually dumped it three times and kept getting it back. I didn’t actually find a place for it until the my penultimate play. That along with the ICIC’s doomed me, of course, Terry played a great game as always…


I spent yesterday fighting with my camera. I got things so they looked pretty good but when I came upstairs and loaded them into photoshop and zoomed up to 100%, they all had a “grainy” quality. If you’re a photoshop user you would have probably identified what was going on in the background as a kind of noise pattern. This was the first time I had used my new camera to shoot work and was starting to feel as though maybe I had purchased the wrong one but after fiddling around with it for quite some time, I realized that the ISO had somehow been set to 800. Not sure if I inadvertently set it that high or the munchkin got hold of it or what but I reset it down to 100 and the noise went away. Then I went to move my flood light with the Eiko 250 watt, 3200 Kelvin bulb and the bulb blew. I went to the camera store to get more and they informed me that you cannot move this kind of light until after the bulb has cooled because the filament is incredibly fragile when hot. I’m sure all you photo experts knew this but I didn’t until then. Home again, home again and start all over with new bulbs and new settings. Things are starting to come together but I think next time I get a graduated background, I’m gonna get white to black instead of gray to black or maybe it’s another brand because there’s a blue tint to the gray that I can’t seem to get rid of. So here’s the same pot I posted yesterday, I’m pretty pleased with this one (click to enlarge as always)…



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5 Responses to “More Scrabble Babble…”

  1. Jud Tavill Says:

    It looks great… photographing is the bane of my existence I think…oh…but there are many more… No matter what, every time I figure our my best settings…when I go to shoot photos weeks later, they aren’t set, I can’t remember them…or where I wrote them down… so the learning curve starts all over…like groundhog day…YUCK!
    AND I always scratch the damn backdrop…

  2. Miri Says:


  3. Michele Says:

    I loved it yesterday; today its even better.

  4. Erin Says:

    Beautiful piece, and smooth photo. It looks a bit like it’s floating.

  5. eugene hon Says:

    The images are excellent – grading looks good. I need it for my rats – John and I agree you need a shadow from left to right and or right to left. We cant get those graded polymer backgrounds here in South Africa. They are the best. I luv the ones that go from dark grey to white at the bottom. Done allot of styling in the past, working with one of SA’s best photogrpahers and the white at the bottom seems to work best, especially when casting shadows. You can also have a light shining down on the work, from directly above the bowl, light will reflect up, lighting the sides of your bowl. It will create a beautiful halo of a shadow below the pot on the white – do you get the picture. Geoffrey Swindell used it to good effect for his work – on Facebook. John is searching for link at the moment. The group is Contemporary Ceramics – the latest album. The bottom two right hand images.

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