Bug Time/New Pot…

It’s going to be a nice weekend with the bug. Supposed to rain a bit today but the temp is going to drop and tomorrow an autumn-ish 75 degree high. Went to the new location of Sergio’s last night with Mom and had 3 beers from the over 1000 to choose from. They were very good and all rather hoppy… yum. I have one blue and white vase left from the 20 or so I made a while back and decided to take pictures of it since the picture I have on the “Vases – Blue and White” page is a bit washed out. Anyway I decided to put a couple pots on etsy every day for a while since I have pictures of everything and so I listed the last blue and white vase…


Here’s another newly fired bowl. I have all these shots of the same piece and it seems wasteful to have them all shot and not use them. So here’s another bowl from different “hangles”…




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4 Responses to “Bug Time/New Pot…”

  1. Richard Kollmar Says:

    I very much like the calligraphic feel of the decoration on this series.

  2. gary Says:

    all quite gorgeous, and 1000 beers???????? Do you live in heaven????

  3. soubriquet Says:

    I like the interior/exterior contrast on the bowl very much, smooth and clear to intricate and sculpted, (the potography works fine, by the way… ‘potography’ is a new term, coined by my new, key-skipping keyboard. In this case “the keyboard done good”)

  4. ron Says:

    The pots look gorgeous. Nice job w. all the photography lately. Gary cracks me up.

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