Too Nice To Be Bloggin’…

It’s 60 degrees and I have the bug all day. It’s August in Kentucky… can’t believe the temperate weather this summer. Someone’s cutting down a tree across the street, not sure why because there weren’t any that need to come down. Urbanites get freaked out about trees, not sure why… I think they are looking for a guarantee against future damage. If only I could see the future so accurately. Here’s a chocolaty bowl that I listed on Etsy today (clicking 1st pic goes to Etsy & the others enlarge)…





Anyway, here’s a bunch of cups with different experimental glaze combos on many of them. Some worked better than others.


Going to go outside now… and miles to go before I blog, and miles to go before I blog.


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6 Responses to “Too Nice To Be Bloggin’…”

  1. Heidi Says:


  2. andrew widdis Says:

    I like that chocolaty glaze. And all the cups, esp. the second last one.
    Regarding trees; as long as they’re native, the more the better. We just had Iron barks planted in the side street. My neighbours complained, saying they make the house The have only grass in the back yard and some roses in the front) cold in Winter. Someone wrote an article in the local paper complaining about planting street trees saying it was irresponsible given the bushfires last Summer.
    I must make some mugs tomorrow. I fumbled my fav. in the sink last week. Hate pulling handles though.

  3. andrew widdis Says:

    Ahh, it removed my links; clever.
    Iron barks: viridansdotcom/ECOVEG/box-ironbarkdothtm
    Bushfires: theaustraliandotnewsdotcomdotau/story/0,25197,25031451-12377,00.html
    Replace (dot) with (.)
    Cheers, Andrew.

  4. gary Says:

    mmmmm, what a rack of MUGS

  5. meredith Says:

    Yummy pots- took a page from your book today and went off to the city for brews at Natty Greens in downtown greensboro- something brown and nutty for me.
    It would have gone well with that bowl!

  6. cynthia Says:

    Great bowl and glaze combo experiments too! We’ve also had a very mild summer – I might even say wet one which is strange for Colorado.

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