Could It Be The Grubby Smudges…

I was sitting here going through the hundreds of photos and making them smaller to upload to Etsy or the blog or wherever and I started think that horrible thought about the computer crashing. I’ve tended to take this Mac for granted since it’s been 4 years with nary a peep until the storm that knocked out my modem and the ethernet port. Anyway when I thought of taking all those pics again, it all of a sudden became paramount to back up all my pictures since last backup. So I popped in a DVD-R and hit burn… waiting… the drive spits out the DVD and displays a cryptic error message (redundant I know). I thought, damn the storm fried my DVD laser too? Onto the internet to look up the enigmatic message. All kinds of remedies that ran the gauntlet from doing a rain dance while rebooting to buying a brand new computer. I tried a couple that didn’t seem too far out there and spit, spit, spit. Then I thought maybe I should have a look at that DVD. I held it up so the light coming through the window reflected off the side that gets recorded and lo and behold… little grubby munchkin smudges. It looked like Sofia had eaten her lunch off of it. New DVD and all’s fine. Here’s a couple of the new photos of a new bowl I posted to Etsy, more chocolaty goodness (1st click goes to Etsy, others enlarge)…





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8 Responses to “Could It Be The Grubby Smudges…”

  1. Charles the Potter Says:

    I have a site at As part of their premium service $20/yr they have unlimited photo storage and an autouploader. If you leave the uploader on it’ll just start copying all your pictures to their storage site. It’s pretty convenient 🙂 and I know I can always retrieve what I need, it’s all sorted by month and year. might want to check it out.

  2. gary Says:

    I got an external hard drive and try to remember to save stuff there sometimes.
    That bowl? Looks EDIBLE my man…..

  3. gary Says:

    and I have a ways to go with the webpage, but I went into plain and explained myself, which I had wanted to do earlier 🙂

  4. Jenmecca Says:

    You do know…they are everywhere! And if you have more than TWO little hands in the house it is almost impossible to know who has marked up what because they will never tell!

  5. Eugene Hon Says:

    Great bowls as always, stunning images. I just luv the chocolate look and feel. I also download my images at a site as mentioned by Charles. Also do backups on CDs. You never know what can happen. Managing all these issues is so time consuming but very necessary – especially now days with ones work all over the place, in the public domain. It is particularly important to store professional photographed works well. They cost money and should you ever considered publishing a book or be featured in one of the magazines, including a catalogue you need very stunning images, I just spent the day with a professional photographer friend of mine and he took my latest images for future publications (posted on my blog) what a difference it makes. You have just highlighted the need to ensure their safekeeping.

  6. Michael Mahan Says:

    The Grubby Smudges…. Sounds like the name of a tune. Sofia’s grubby smudges?

  7. Mary Starosta Says:

    Especially like the detail on the bottom to your finished pot! Nice finsh and ohhhh soooo YUMMY!

  8. ang Says:

    ha ha… done that before….all those thoughts of what can be wrong…!! usually takes longer to figure out than you though….. just catching up been out of contact for a week, wow…I saw some great pieces at the british museum i think you be happy to see…be up soon..

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