Pints And Drawings…

We went to BBC last night… this is our regular haunt because they have a stage full of toys for kids and while they play, we drink beer. We also bring a drawing pad and markers just in case the stage is unpopulated with other rugrats. The stage and toys didn’t last long so our plan B paid off and Sofia enjoyed herself drawing. Here’s a relatively contemplative shot of her with one of her drawings…


Well, I got my 25 lbs. of Matt and Dave’s ^6 porcelain and I need to get back to throwing… it will probably give me fits today if I get to it because of the throwing hiatus. First I need to get some shelving up because I got 3 kilnloads of finished work on every surface of the studio and nowhere to put it. I posted more pots to Etsy yesterday and the shop is starting to fill up for the first time since I opened it. I will probably add pots daily for a while… at least until our first family vacation since the sugarbug was born. We are all looking forward to that. Here’s some pots I posted yesterday, someone on twitter mentioned that she thought the first one’s color was buttercream… not too familiar with the dairy products myself but it’s a lovely word and conjures pleasant imagery I suppose. The second two little golden yellow bowls are really two different pots and the pair is about as close as I get to making multiples (1st click to Etsy, the rest enlarge)…






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10 Responses to “Pints And Drawings…”

  1. judy Shreve Says:

    Such a great picture of Sofia — she has such an intelligent face & she’s starting to look grown-up — kinda first grade-like.

    Love the glaze colors. Let me know what you think of the People’s Porcelain — I’m so happy with earthenware – but might want to try it . . . means getting the red dust out of my studio though . . .

  2. Jerry Says:

    I have a box of the ^6 porcelain on the way myself.

    Judy, the ^6 is called The Coup (only the ^12 is Porcelain for the People). Just trying to stave off any confusion.

    I’m excited to try The Coup after reading everything about the ^12. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it Jim.

    • judy Shreve Says:

      I love the names of these clays — Power to the Porcelains!
      I’m waiting on a low-fire version — now what would they call that — ‘revolution?’

  3. Becky Jo Says:

    Your bowls are gor-geous. 🙂 I just learned what ‘chattering’ was when I was in Tuscarora… and here I thought it was a bad thing when I did that before. Ben Parks set me straight… he said it was ‘sought after’, so now I’m seeing chattering in a whole new light. 🙂

  4. gary Says:

    what is BBC????

  5. meredith Says:

    yes- butter-yum-cream.
    See your bowls are yummy even before food hits them.

  6. Amy H Says:

    what a beautiful girl… looks so confident and she is growing up!

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Great picture of your daughter… The bowls are great too! Love that stamp of yours on the bottom.

  8. Rae Says:

    love your pots & your belle fille
    I particularly admire your etched signature/logo, very clever and desirable
    fyi – buttercream is a cake frosting, only incidentally a diary product, that you’re sure to find on carrot cake. Perhaps Sofia would help you to compare colors.

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