Crash, Bang, Crash, Bang, Boom…

Something’s going on in Nora’s room. That’s a line from one of Sofia’s favorite books. Every once in a while I like to take a hammer and break my pots because I want to see if the wall thickness is a smooth taper from foot to rim.


Nah, not really… my slightly enlarged studio space has allowed me to do about 4 kilnloads of work before firing whereas before I could only do about 1 1/2 and then ran out of places to set greenware. Now that I’m done photographing there’s finished pots everywhere and there’s no room again. So… shelving. The reason there aren’t shelves already is because the space was originally intended to be my studio and when Mom saw the big windows we decided to make it the new living room and put my studio where the current living room is. But now we’ve decided to go back to the original plan. Anyway, I had almost everything up off the floor save a few and decided to set them on the back of a makeshift table that is really the top of an old drawing table set across one of those collapsible ladders. I had set my drill on the front edge of the surface and put all the pots to the back edge so as to leave as much room as possible to use for other pots. When I had all the pots there, I picked up the drill (a fairly heavy 3/4″ drill) to put it away and came to the awful realization that said drill was serving as a counterbalance to all the pots along the back edge. Drill in one hand, the drawing table top teetered back tossing a bunch of pots off the back and even some went crashing into the 11 foot window I put in last summer. I may not have mentioned this before but although my vision is failing, my feet suffer a severe case of plantar fasciitis, and a long list of other forms of decrepitude, I do have catlike reflexes. These lightning reflexes allowed me to right the tabletop before all the pots slid off.


Luckily a bowl that crashed against the window didn’t damage the glass. So here’s the shelves, one set in each corner and they don’t hold that many pieces really…


The shelf brackets are rated at 150 lbs. per pair but there is something very unnerving about putting a bunch of finished work up there. Then this ice cream guy shows up again…


Here’s a bowl I posted to Etsy yesterday (Click 1st pic to go to Etsy, the other enlarges)…



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7 Responses to “Crash, Bang, Crash, Bang, Boom…”

  1. gary Says:

    Sh!t Jim!

  2. meredith Says:

    I have done this trick before- It was not one of my better moves.
    So ouch and damn!

  3. soubriquet Says:

    Nice thicknessing though.
    I can picture the scene, the slow motion topple, the grab, the aftermath, the swear word…
    the wish to turn back time by sixty seconds.

    Here’s a question, a semi serious one even… Do you, do other potters…. seek to interpose a foot between falling pot and floor?
    I’ve often had a nastily bruised foot, but saved the pot, by absorbing the kinetic energy with my poor (ouch) body.

    The problem with this is, I also do stuff with heavy iron, engine parts and so on. And the last thing you want to do is stick flesh and bone between a toppling V8 and the concrete. Of yes, I was there, until a tiny bit of the lizard brain said MOVE! and I jumped back and let the gleaming, expensive, almost unobtainable SU carburettors absorb the impact.

    • jim Says:

      hi soubriquet, i do have that instinct and it has resulted in a slightly injured foot before but in this particular case the falling pot were a full 4 feet in front of me with a folding ladder between us. with those V8’s, i think i’d be trying very hard to break myself of the habit

  4. Blum Says:

    Been there and done that. I wish I could actually say that I’ve learned my lesson, but hey… I still relive that lesson more often that I really should admitt.

  5. Michael Mahan Says:


    Jim, your pots are amazing. I checked out your Etsy page. Do you sell your pots at shows or wholesale? Your prices are very reasonable.


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