Buggity Buggity…

Weekend’s here again and that means two days with my favorite person. Not much time to be blogging and such… or should it be bloggin’ N such? Anyway got some stuff done this week but at the end it didn’t feel like I accomplished much. Oh yeah, I forgot how to throw. In my old work cycle I only had enough room to fill the kiln once before going back to the wheel but now it’s three times that and I was away from the wheel for months. Anyway, got the hang of it yesterday just in time for the weekend away again. And next week we’re going on our first family vacation since the bug was born. So here’s a bowl I posted at Etsy yesterday (1st click to Etsy and others enlarge)…




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3 Responses to “Buggity Buggity…”

  1. sharad Says:

    this creation is gr8,very nicely created!

  2. gary Says:

    Gorgeous bowl amigo! Your favorite person in the world probably isn’t Sunglasses the dawg…..

  3. ron Says:

    Hi Jim. Love the bowl. Vacation sounds great!

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