Sofia and I were on our weekly run of errands yesterday and when we got in the car after shopping at Paul’s Fruit Market… the car wouldn’t start. I’ve been waiting for this to happen because it’s a 93 and I was in an accident earlier this year that crushed the passenger front end. At that point I vowed not to put more money in it because the car isn’t worth the cost to repair it if it’s not a minor repair. I do have a brand new battery though. So the the battery worked but it wouldn’t start. So now I’m a good 3 miles from home with the wee one and two bags of produce, magic markers, coloring books, plantar fasciitis, etc., so I go back into Pauls and call my friend Andy who lives nearby and he doesn’t answer. While I’m trying to figure out who else I might call, an employee of Pauls offers to have one of the teenagers that works there, Bart, drive us home as he’s done with his shift and lives toward my house. So I load the carseat , get the groceries and other paraphernalia and load it in the back seat and I look up and Sofia’s crying. I say… “oh sug, don’t worry, he’s just giving us a ride… nothing to be scared of, I’m riding with you.” She calms down a bit but I thought it was strange that getting a ride with a stranger would be so upsetting. When we arrive home, I unload her and everything and set it all on the sidewalk, then say goodbye and thanks to Bart. He drives away and I turn around and she’s crying again. I ask her what’s wrong and she says… “I loved that car”. No kidding. I loved that car. I say, it’s only a car. She says, “what’s Mom gonna say when she comes home and there’s no car here?” I say she’ll probably say… where’s the car? She says, “how are we gonna go get groceries and run errands together?” Eventually, she’s ok with it but it was cracking me up. Later, we’re eating dinner and she says… “I loved that car more than anything.” So much for not raising a motorhead. So we’re here, it’s Sunday and the car’s at Pauls. I don’t have anywhere to go but still feel stranded. Here’s a new bowl that I posted to Etsy yesterday (1st click to Etsy, others enlarge)…





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6 Responses to “Marooned…”

  1. gary Says:

    Gorgeous bowl.
    I cried last year when our little green 1994 car was towed away…it still moved, but there were some serious noises and pieces falling off. Your kid has her heart in the right place 🙂

  2. andrew widdis Says:

    Beautiful line/curve. And the black and green go well together.

  3. ron Says:

    That’s really sweet. I love your stories Jim. Great bowl, nice deco and contrasting glaze. You’re the man.

  4. dena Says:

    I love the bowl but I love the story more.

  5. meredith Says:

    sweet Sofia- one of lifes little bumps in the road.
    I hope you get a car!

  6. Michael Mahan Says:

    I think Sofia might feel better if she had a picture of the old car, maybe with Dad and her sitting on the hood. Or how about making a table or shelf out of the crushed front bumper or something?

    Kids are amazing.

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