R & R…

And I don’t mean wreadin’ and ritin’ and rithmetic, no time for long rambling posts. Here’s a new bowl up on Etsy (1st click to Etsy, others enlarge)…





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7 Responses to “R & R…”

  1. Patricia Griffin Says:


  2. gary Says:

    Catch ya later!

  3. ang Says:

    sweet, its got a bit of a soda shimmer in the lighting…nice one

  4. ron Says:

    I’m with ya on the R&R

  5. zygote Says:

    Wow! beautiful interior….

  6. eugene hon Says:

    Sorry I have been rather busy lately with Faculty business, not much time spent looking at blogs even my own. Loved your entry on the car. I always had the fear of a breakdown myself. being stranded next to the side of the road. In South Africa you would become a sitting duck for criminals, waiting to pounce. In the past I invested in a new car (every 3 years (complete with insurance and roadside assistance. We don’t have a proper transport service, taxis are very expensive, and cars are therefore a luxury you have to be able to afford. Most white South Africans spend a fortune on their cars, I drive a Honda S2000, a sports car. God forbid I should get a puncture, I replace the tires when doubt sets in every two years. The spare wheel is very difficult, timeconsuming, to get out and on, the risk is to high. Anyway, I loved your mugs entry and the pots as always.

  7. John Shirley Says:

    Beautiful as always. Like the link to Etsy!

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