Almost Off The Grid…

Well, we’re back after our first family vacation (just Sofia, Mom and me) since the little bug was born. We went to St. George Island off the coast of Florida’s panhandle, a long narrow island barely wider than two streets that run the length. It is relatively underdeveloped (good thing I think) because of it’s distance from an interstate. The owner has informed me that this periodically comes up but that the residents mostly prefer it’s out-of-the-way qualities. We stayed at an acquaintance’s beach house named The Bohemian Bungalow and I really liked the imagery conjured up by this name, of course my apartment in college was more Bohemian in a college-aged-student-with-no-money-and-no-concern-about-upkeep-or-cleanliness kind of way. This was Sofia’s second trip to the ocean this year as she had gone with Mom, grandparents and cousins in June to Hilton Head. Now that she has achieved connoisseur status in the genre “oceans”, she has assured me that the salinity in the gulf is much higher than on the Atlantic Coast off of Hilton Head. For the first day or so, whenever she got a mouthful, she would remark of it being more salty than Hilton Head. I previously mentioned that I thought she was half fruit bat and now I’m convinced the other half is some marine animal. We had to drag her out of the ocean daily… she was made for the beach or maybe the beach was made for her. Here she is with her gear…


Her and I spent a good 3 hours/day at the beach and her and Mom even more. I have a condition that prevents me from hanging out in the sun which is part of the reason I hadn’t been to the ocean in near 15 years. On rainy and overcast days, we spent even more time. She saw some dolphins at Hilton Head and was disappointed that there were none to see this time but we did see a ray, crabs, all kinds of birds (including what I believe is called a Black Skimmer – Rynchops Niger that flies over the shallow water and dips it’s long beak in the water) and various beachcombers with their dogs.


We pretty much had the beach to ourselves and their was a pool at the Bungalow too so Sofia got to swim when we were there too. I took my camera thinking that I would have hundreds of photos but after the first trip to the beach and the tiny grains of sand getting into the grooves betwixt the retractable lens, I decided to make not taking pictures part of being off the grid. Here’s all I got which gives you an idea of Sofia in her element…




I have to admit that being off the grid suits me fine. I didn’t talk on the phone once, there was no internet, hardly any time in the car… so no radio (so I didn’t have to hear about how we’re converting to naziism) and I didn’t think about blogging at all and didn’t even think about making pots until 3 days had passed. I read 3 crime detective novels that my good scrabble friend, Terry, set me up with upon departure. That Arkady Renko sure gets into some tough spots. We drank beer daily and we assembled jigsaw puzzles almost everyday as a family activity. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and catch up with online pottery world. It’s a very busy time of year and I will be making a trek to Iowa in mid-October plus the couple weeks in between to decorate and fire another load before going. Have restarted posting to Etsy… here’s what I posted yesterday (first click to Etsy, others enlarge)…





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8 Responses to “Almost Off The Grid…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Welcome back! We were thinking about you guys last night whilst enjoying your honey as part of our New Year celebration (Nick has been enjoying it frequently as part of his “Bread and Honey” snacks). Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing time. Miri

  2. zygote Says:

    Yea! Your back! Looks like you had a great time.
    Nice glaze combo…
    Where abouts in Iowa are you headed?

  3. amanda Says:

    what will you be up to here in Iowa?

  4. gary Says:

    Welcome back Jim 🙂

  5. ang Says:

    check out the little tanner…she couldn’t have spent more time out there if she tried eh? glad you had a good break, it’s excellent to get away..I hadn’t had a good break in years either and the fun continues when ya get home…excellent idea holidays….I’m off to go run the 6k catch ya later..

  6. soubriquet Says:

    That in partickler, the pic with girl and gear is a great one, a real “Come on, Dad, what’cha doing messing with the camera, the beach is waiting!” shot..

  7. soubriquet Says:

    That in partickler, the pic with girl and gear is a great one, a real “Come on, Dad, what’cha doing messing with the camera, the beach is waiting!” shot..

    Oh yes, that Arkady Renko, I liked the guy, an honest man in a corrupt world…
    Which one were you reading?

    • jim Says:

      hi soubriquet, while i was on vacation i read “polar star” and “stalin’s ghost”. I had read “wolves eat dogs” and “gorky park” earlier. after “gorky park” i decided to read them in order which led me to “polar star” and i was borrowing them from my scrabble friend, terry. we both got confused because the next one was called “stallion’s gate” and he loaned me “stalin’s ghost” instead. so i’ve completely mixed up the order but it’s not crucial to enjoyment of the books.

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