The Best Laid Plans…

We had our first serious downpour yesterday since I built the wee parapet around the base of my furnace as a lazy man’s stopgap. So while I was drinking beer, the basement was filling with water again. This morning I ventured to the dungeon for a looksee and much like opening a kiln to see if your new glaze worked or not, I turned the light on and cast a glance toward the furnace, seeing this…


Water, water everywhere and my little wall was a complete failure. The circles on the pictures indicate breaks in the wall that leave more than 1/4 inch gap. This is the most enigmatic part of the result as the cement container says in big letters on the label… “will not shrink”. The majority of the work I did was roughing up the surface of the floor so the concrete would have some tooth to adhere to and that was the biggest joke of all as the entire wall completely separated from the floor all the way around and I was able to push it aside with a mere pinky on my left hand.


Que sera, sera. I guess if I’m gonna go with stopgaps, I need to get with it and go whole hog for a 21st century solution. I think if it ever gets dry again before winter, I will just put some wooden boards down and caulk the bejebus out of them with some high performance waterproof caulk… the adventure continues. Here’s the bowl I posted to Etsy yesterday (1st click to Etsy, others enlarge)…




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5 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans…”

  1. gary Says:

    rats! Gorgeous bowl though amigo 🙂

  2. judy Shreve Says:

    Are yall getting as much rain in KY as we are in Atlanta? We are drowning here — huge problems with flooding all over the metro area. I agree with Linda – it’d be best to stop the water from coming in — easier said than done.

    Love the bowls!

  3. Miri Says:

    Sorry about your water woes. We created a similar concrete dam to direct water off one of our external concrete slabs (lotsa concrete here in Puerto Rico). Following the local custom, we used a bonding agent (such as ) between the old and new concrete (no rebar) and so far, the dam still stands. Hey, we’re all for stopgaps!
    Beautiful bowl! 🙂

  4. ang Says:

    can’t you raise the thingy off the ground that you’re trying to protect?? prob not you would have thought of that, what do i know???? nice bowl!!

  5. Becky Jo Says:

    I was thinkin’ the same thing as Ang… how about a few strong guys to pick it up and some cinder or landscaping blocks to shove under the furnace? You might have to hack the vents on top and rebuild them, but that can’t be much harder than building a damn all the way around the furnace… again. Good luck! 🙂

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