New Digital Art…

My good buddy Vern sent me his latest digital print creation. These works just keep getting better and better. My favorite parts of this one are the pixelated wolf and the crisp silhouettes of the plants (I bet they really pop off the paper when they’re printed). This one is black and white. He’s done several black and white ones now and they really look dreamy when they’re printed, especially when they’re printed at some larger dimensions. Of course I can only post at screen resolution but you can still get an idea. Don’t forget to click to get an enlarged view…


I’m done trimming and I’m gonna be decorating for a couple weeks so gotta put the fan in the window and hunker down. Here’s a new bowl I posted to Etsy yesterday (1st click to Etsy, other enlarges)…




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3 Responses to “New Digital Art…”

  1. gary Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm baby!

  2. dena Says:

    The pot is amazing

  3. Mary Starosta Says:

    Sweet Pot! Really makes you THINK. . . .

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