Girl Cheese And Fading Eyesight…

I had perfect vision for 45 years and I know that I’m lucky for that. Sometimes I think it was better than perfect as I was able to see things that no one else could see or that weren’t even there. Anyway as the grim reaper grows nigh my eye… sight is getting worse at a geometric rate and maybe it’s worse to have the failing vision foist upon you after 45 years of taking it for granted than if you got spectacles at age 10, one of life’s unanswerable questions I suppose. Now a mere 6 years later, I continually bump into stuff, forget my glasses at home, break pots and most annoying, I spend an inordinate amount of time groping around in the blur looking for said glasses. To add insult to injury, now I have 3 different strength glasses to do different tasks, like what I’m doing right now. So imagine my dismay when we learned that Sunglasses, less than 1 year old (even if that’s 6 years in dog years… correction, it’s been changed to 5) had to get some reading specs. It’s somewhat ironic that a dog named Sunglasses has to wear “reading glasses” but there you have it…


She’s sad about having to wear them as is obvious from the picture but as everyone tells me… she’ll get used to them. She begged me to let her take them off after a very short stint and when I did she did this…

Sorry the lights not too good. In other news, I was made aware today that all this time when we asked Sofia if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, she thought we said… a girl cheese sandwich. Gotta tell you, I much prefer girl cheese and if you say it quickly no one will call you out on it. Here’s the bug with her pajama bottoms on her head. She’s had them on her head for the better part of 3 days now and insists that they are her hair and since there’s two legs, she can wear her hair straight back, in pig tails on either side or her favorite, over her shoulder and around front as in the following pic…


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11 Responses to “Girl Cheese And Fading Eyesight…”

  1. Michael Kline Says:

    Looks like Sunglasses is making a brief “victory” lap. At least that’s what we call it around here!

  2. judy Shreve Says:

    Thanks for this post — made me laugh out loud this morning! and ‘Girl Cheese sandwich’ is the best!

  3. ang Says:

    excellent look pajama head..!

  4. Miri Says:

    That girl is too cute! 🙂

  5. cindy shake Says:

    How sweet! “Girl Cheese Sandwich” reminded me of a mini-journal we kept running of all the mixed-up words each of the 3 kids said. A couple favorites were “Alligators” for elevators (in which one of the kids would never set foot on one…) and “kids at school have Dice” when they came home with the annual Head Lice precautions letter.

  6. zygote Says:

    I’m feeling for your poor eyes… Forgetting where you set those darn glasses down really becomes a problem if you can’t see em. I didn’t drive for 2 days a few weeks ago because I couldn’t find mine, turns out they were setting next to me at my wheel head right where I put them!

  7. gary Says:

    oh Jim………………………………………….what a video. Her cousin Penny enjoyed that video and barked in response.
    And what a BUG!

  8. lucyfagellapottery Says:

    I just discovered your blog recently. What a hoot that dog video is… thanks for the good laugh.

    I updated my blogroll and put you on it. And thanks for all your comments on my blog!

  9. Patricia Griffin Says:

    You got me with the dog video. What a hoot. Hey, I can relate to the glasses too. My sister, who has had to wear glasses since she was 6, just tells me to quit my whining when I complain about the glasses I’ve had to start wearing in recent years.

  10. elfriede Says:

    god that video made me laugh. I can’t believe how much that dog is like Jack. He used to come back in the house after taking a dump and do figures eights around the dining room and living room.

  11. Bruno Says:

    Don’t forget to eat your vitamin A per Adele Davis. You think Sunglasses is crazy, someday I’ll have you meet Nurse Whitey. She looks like Sunglasses but has a monocle and the body of a cheetah. So she runs and jumps like a cheetah and man is she crazy!!!

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