It Was Inevitable…

Since the weather is starting to cool down, I decided not to wait too long and set out some food for the honeybees yesterday. It’s supposed to go down to the mid 40’s this week at night. So I blundered over to the beehive, paying more attention to not stepping in the piles on the Poopy Express Trail and walk right into the their little bee highway. I got stung just a touch left of right betwixt the eyes. I immediately hightailed it for the house hoping that pheromones were not calling out the troops… much ado about nothing I guess as none came after me. It didn’t swell up too much because there’s not much flesh on the bridge of your nose but it did send a very strange sensation into my eyeballs. I immediately thought… I hope this cures my need for reading glasses imagining the headlines in the JAMA… “Precisely Aimed Honeybee Sting Negates The Need For Lasik”. Well JAMA probably wouldn’t pick up the story but maybe Weekly World News. It’s gonna be blustery and high in the low 70’s today, a dreamy autumn day and I’m still decorating all week probably. Here’s a bowl from the last kiln load…





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10 Responses to “It Was Inevitable…”

  1. ang Says:

    hazardous beeing outside….stay in and decorate those yum bowls..

  2. michael kline Says:

    Yeeeoouch! That hurts just thinking about it. I got stung just below my eye as a kid. I had a good laugh at your “headline”. Maybe you should send a ‘treatment’ to The Onion Maybe they will pick up the story.

    About the pots, oops pot. At first I thought you had posted the same image several times. Then I realized on closer inspection that it was the same bowl seen from three different views!!! It reminded me of how our eyes have to become attuned to the subtle changes in in the marks of your deco. It’s a very rich pattern! It also reminded me that we, as potters, see our work very differently that , say, a newcomer who is not familiar with the patterns, forms, etc. Seeing is the key word. At first I was just looking at the images of the bowl, not really seeing the pattern as being subtly different in each picture. [OK, I better not have another cup of that coffee]

    Nice stuff!

    Now to harness all of this morning-coffee-energy! to work!

  3. Ceci Lindo Says:

    Ah the things we do! Sorry you got stung but admiring your beautiful work!!! You have such patience and talent. Had I gotten stung as you did, my eyes would have swollen shut! lol

    Now, off to the studio!

  4. cindy shake Says:

    Wonderful marks on the Pot! Reminds me of a mysterious vertically scribed language. There are some good Beekeeping Blogs out there, I like to read -an art in itself.

  5. zygote Says:

    The waterfall of amber just the inside rim on the bottom shot really works well with that glaze. The beauty is in the details. Owch! darn bee!

  6. meredith Says:

    OUCH! I am allergic and carry my EpiPen with me.
    You just never know.
    Your bowls are so warm and I love the contrast of colors.
    So let us know if your eye sight is better tomorrow.

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    A bee is a symbol of immortality, rebirth and purity – so maybe you have been impregnated with everlasting life – the bee being the giver of life. One the bees all die we wont have much longer to live. Always enjoy your bowls.

  8. nadia Says:

    if you paint me a bee in the bottom of a large cereal bowl i’ll buy it.

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