Two Lips, Popular…

The weather let up just enough this weekend to get some of those leaves to press betwixt two sheets of wax paper. I’m not sure if my memory of ironing leaves between wax paper is accurate or not but since I hadn’t done it since I was a kid maybe my memory had become romanticized. Anyway, first I went to get some waxed paper and apparently it has been largely replaced by plastic wraps and the uses for it have become scarce. I did find some made by the same company as when I was a child I’m sure. So Sofia picked up the leaves on our walk and after we let them dry out we went at it. I think now that the technology used to put the wax on the paper must have improved to the point where there is far less wax than there used to be. This may be good for other uses and for the company but it does not lend itself to pressing leaves with an iron. We did eventually get to the point where the leaves were sealed in the paper like a flat bubble but I thought I remembered the leaves becoming embedded with wax, thus inhibiting the further decay of the leaves. We’ll see. Either way Sofia enjoyed it immensely and I let here use the iron which is hot… it seems she may have inherited my fondness for heat. Anyway, here’s some of the results, first the tulip poplar which I’m sure our long gone ex-president would call a tulip popular, and everyone would act like he hadn’t misspoken and then a few short years from now more and more people would call them tulip populars and then eventually Merriam-Webster would cave to the pressure and add it as an acceptable pronunciation…


Next we have the dogwood, which Sofia calls the doggiewood. The wood used to be used for wooden gears and machine parts long ago because of its hardness. I read in a book, Bill Bryson’s “A Walk In The Woods” I think, that there was a virus (or some other type of spreading menace) that was out of control and would kill them all in relatively short time but that was years ago and I haven’t noticed anything or heard anything more. He may have been referring to ones in the wild and not the ornamental ones in peoples’ yards although I’m not sure there’s that much difference.


Then there’s the ash. I made my kitchen cabinets out of ash when I originally remodeled the house. It’s a beautiful wood although I’m not sure if this particular leaf is from the species that woodworkers use.


And finally the silver maple. There’s a huge one in my neighbors yard and since the ice storm and wind storm we had here in Louisville this year, everyone’s a bit wary of these behemoths. Not sure why but these silver maples have been the trees that had fallen all over town. There were other kinds of trees but a very large percentage were this kind of maple. This leaf worked the best because Sofia grabbed it off of a tree instead of off the ground so by time we got home it was flaccid. It’s a huge sample though…


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8 Responses to “Two Lips, Popular…”

  1. ron Says:

    Wow, what fun. Those are some whoppers! Good learning tool too.

  2. Michael Kline Says:

    This must be a sign.

    Must….paint…..leaves….wax….leaves…..must ….go….paint…..leaves…..with…..wax……paper?


  3. Miri Says:

    What a cool project! Beautiful leaves.

  4. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Great stuff! I enjoy seeing Sofia as she “grows up” with your blog. Reminds me of my dad writing about me and my sibs in our hometown newspaper. He was the publisher and wrote a kind of home-spun column about life in our family. It was fine until we were teens, then it was pretty unnerving to have everyone in town knowing all about us. The old-time version of a reality show, I guess!… I think I have some wax paper somewhere in my stash of stuff. I’d better covet it.

  5. Anne Carentz Says:

    We were going to try doing something like that with the boys but were told to try putting crayon shavings in with the leaves. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  6. judy Shreve Says:

    Great post — brought back memories. We used to do the same thing. Now Sofia will do it for her kids – ahhh the tradition lives on.

  7. gary Says:

    that kid…… 🙂

  8. ang Says:

    brilliant..! thanks for this mornings treat..

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