You Know Me, Yunomi, Ewe No Mi…

Well, it’s gonna be a beautiful week of low 70’s for the highs but we’ve been waking to some rather brisk mornings. Seems a bit soon but it was 48 when we got up this morning and it was in the mid 50’s all day yesterday. Maybe it seems sudden because 2 weeks ago we were in Florida and I was getting burnt on the beach. Anyway, it’s a week of decorating, yunomis and big bowls and I actually had to “layer” my work clothes and shut the windows because my fingers and toes were cold. Better get used to it ’cause winter’s a comin’ and it’ll last for months of work. Here’s my yunomis, before and after putting the chop on the bottom…



I’m gonna decorate the yunomis like the bowls kind of and that will give the drinker some yummy tactility while they warm their hand with the hot tea. There’s a couple in there that are a kind of “I Dream Of Jeannie” form, you know, like her bottle on the show (older reference lost on younger viewers). Here’s a couple views of a big bowl…





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3 Responses to “You Know Me, Yunomi, Ewe No Mi…”

  1. gary Says:

    fuqueing freezing here in New York….

  2. andrew widdis Says:

    Getting cold for you, means getting warm for me! Can’t wait. Though Winter is having one last go this week.
    Nice mugs.

  3. zygote Says:

    The best part of winter is the boiling water that’s poured into my throwing bucket first thing in the morning, oh wait, it’s the smell of “All Day Soup” cooking in the studio to make it smell really good during the long rainy days…..

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