Don’t Blink…

I had previously mentioned my outlook toward house repair was a bit like the man the Arkansas Traveler came across… when asked when he was gonna fix his roof, he said, when it’s a rainin’ it’s too wet to fix it and when it’s dry, it’s just as good as any man’s roof. Sometimes this doesn’t exactly end up the way I intended. Mom is painting the living room trim and couldn’t get the windows open to paint the wee part on the bottom of the window that goes down below the sill. I knew why because I discovered last year when I was putting the extension on my studio that the “neglected” ivy growing up the side of the house was not benign. The ivy sends runners into all the cracks and as the plant grows the runners expand and act like “the jaws of life” by prying things apart from the inside. Our house, like many houses in the urban neighborhood, is very close to our next door neighbor’s house and all these houses use the sidewalk between their house and the adjacent house to get to their backyard. The selection of which side happened a century ago and was probably random. The reason I mention this is because we use the left side (if facing the front door) and the other side we never go to and I rarely look at. I was very happy years ago to allow the ivy to take hold as it covered my front yard and allowed me to not have a front lawn to mow. I did, however, cut the ivy going to the windows last year when I was making the addition.


Someone’s so curious, she couldn’t allow me to go take a picture without climbing on the couch that she’s not allowed on to look out the window. So anyway, I grabbed a chair yesterday and started tearing off the dried out dead ivy that was all stuck up between the two window panes. On one vigorous pull the dead ivy exploded into dead ivy dust and fell into my eyes. Minutes later, inside, after finally getting the windows open, I noticed that whatever had gotten in my left eye wasn’t coming out. I couldn’t see it in the mirror because I need reading glasses and when I put them on they were in the way and Mom couldn’t see anything either but I could feel it and it hurt. It was at this point that I realized it was gonna cost me probably 75.00 to open the windows. I decided that maybe my eyeball was scratched and if I could keep from blinking alot it would slowly heal so off to the studio where I sat for the next 6 hours painting resist. I managed to keep my blinking to a minimum but the side effect of doing that is that my eye watered up continually. So I sat there painting and tears dripped from my left eye and the left side of my nose ran all day. By dinner I was a mess and it was hurting much more and it was seeming more and more that whatever had gotten in there was embedded on the inside of my eyelid and just making it worse and worse, so I ate and drove over to one of the Vision World places. According to the doctor, nothing in there, but the cornea was scratched pretty good where it was originally and he said that blinking gives the sensation that the object is still there. I’m always rather skeptical of doctors and was feeling good about him until he replied to my saying that I just want to be sure there’s nothing in there… “well, usually, if there were something in there, we would have seen it… you know, a little dark or black thing floating around”. I didn’t linger on this at the moment because he had put some numbing agent and some dye in my eye and the sensation was very odd but when I went out to my car I thought… light colored or flesh-colored things don’t ever get in peoples’ eyes? I probably get the bill in a week or two. I managed to keep my eye closed the entire night even when I awoke and my eye feels a bit better this morning. Here’s some yunomis I worked on yesterday. I realized if you want pictures of your pots to look good, get a cute little bug to stand by them…




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9 Responses to “Don’t Blink…”

  1. ron Says:

    Ouch, getting something in your eye is a total drag. I can so relate. I hope it gets to feeling better. Great yunomis. Too funny, Sunglasses in the window! Karma would be the same way, she’s all about the attention and not letting anyone out of her sight. I hope you have a good day.

  2. ang Says:

    oh well done…..mmm i seem to remember doing the very same thing this year and man it burns!!! hope its all better soon, doc found the dreaded speck,, and the optician said to me wear any kind of glasses when gardening, even sunnies!!….ok..cheers lovely work and all..

  3. gary Says:

    OH MY MAN! Geez. We need our eyes alright, hope ya feel better.

  4. Ben Says:

    I hate getting stuff in the eye! My eyes started watering just reading about it. Hope it gets better soon!

  5. cindy shake Says:

    I’m with Ben! I’m still blinking just leaving a comment -hope your better soon. A scratched eye hurts worse than actual debris in the eye. I’ve got some flying bits o’ metal slag and eyeball stories… suffice to say there are eye protection glasses laying everywhere in my shop so I have no excuses anymore! They even have really cool looking ones out now that even the teenager will wear when he works with me :o)

  6. zygote Says:

    Eye protection gets a big thumbs-up.
    The yunomi look really really nice!

  7. meredith Says:

    Ivy- I HATE Ivy. Did I tell you I HATE Ivy?
    It is all over the place and every year I go out and cut it off the house.
    I cut down around the base and let it die and then pull it off.
    It is up the trees and all over the place- did I tell you I HATE- I guess I did.
    But if you Hate something you must say something nice to balance the hate.
    I love your Cups, your child and your dog.
    There all better!
    Hope the eye is all well too!

  8. kellyTpottery Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’ve been a lurker up until this morning. I just had to reply to your post about your eye problem! Recently, I had my own eye story where I was mixing slip in the blender – no lid, of course – and an air bubble worked its way up from the bottom and exploded right as I looked into the blender. I got a FACEFUL of white, thick slip, with most of it going into my right eye. I wear contacts, and I have never felt such pain! I also scratched the cornea a bit, but mostly I cried white, thick tears for the next 30 or so hours. It was just awful. So now, surprise, surprise, I use the lid on the blender all the time!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Your pots are absolutely gorgeous, and I will own one one day! Take care!

    • jim Says:

      hi kelly, glad you commented… i had the same thing happen with the blender only not as bad as what you’ve described. i guess i’ll never learn. when i was in college i was melting wax to make sculpture on burner and the bottom of the gallon can of wax was boiling and the top surface was solid still. i poked a stick in the wax surface and the steam inside blew molten wax that covered my face and waxed my eyes shut. i had second degree burns on my face and it took months to heal. you’d think i’d be a bit more worried about looking into mechanical devices.

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