Go Hemp…

Thanks to everyone who commiserated with my scratched eye and wished a quick healing. Yesterday it was quite a bit better and only mildly irritating and today I’d say it’s back to normal. Sofia’s a dog today and hasn’t broken character all morning. When I first went downstairs it took me a minute or so to figure out that the pistachio nuts were dog treats and that I was supposed to make her give me her paw and roll over to get one of those treats. Sunglasses doesn’t seem to like another dog in the house. Mom and I went to get some beers last night and we sat at the bar instead of a table. This old man sat across from us with a white irish flat hat that was all mesh on the top. I said, I like your hat and he said… “it’s hemp”. I said, really? He said… “yeah, it’s hemp, so is my jacket, my shirt, my pants and my socks.” Mom said, where’d you get them? He said… “online, you pretty much have to.” I said, do you smoke “hemp” too? He said… “no, I just wear it” and went on to give us a short rundown of the economic validity of using hemp for clothing and other things instead of cotton and other materials. He also tried to downplay the association with cannabis by telling me how little THC was present etc. while I was trying to up play the connection. It was fun talking to him and then some of his friends showed up and we had to go. I kept thinking about him afterward and how much I admired the fact that he had gotten behind this hemp thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s gonna live long enough (or me either) to see a more enlightened view of trying to control these plants. Back at it with the decoration again today. Here’s another bowl I’ve been working on…





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7 Responses to “Go Hemp…”

  1. jim Says:

    hi linda, on those big bowls i put a thin piece of foam rubber (the yellow thing) under the rim so as to protect it from being on the steel banding wheel. but the piece of foam was longer than wide and the cut off sides are really the narrow width.

  2. Becky Jo Says:

    Hmm.. I don’t have any hemp clothing, although my husband occasionally sports a tye-dye with ‘hemp’ innuendos on it. I do, however, make a lot of my pendant necklaces with hemp string… it’s cheap, easy to braid, and it seems like a lot of people like the smell…???? 🙂

  3. gary Says:

    Tis a shame because it is a versatile fiber that takes NOTHING to grow. I suspect big cotten is against it…..

  4. Gordo Says:

    It’s a growing crop up here. Clothing, paper, the seeds are nice in bread, etc. 🙂

  5. cindy shake Says:

    Bought my son a t-shirt from a climbing store in Seattle a couple of years ago and it had a weird texture to it but I didn’t think much of it (it was on the clearance rack and had great logo art). When I gave it to him he said “cool Mom, you’re going Hemp!” I said “son I was going cheap because it was on the clearance rack” and he said “no, right here, read the tag it’s made of Hemp.” Had no idea I could be so green let alone be in a T-shirt :o)

  6. ang Says:

    fun folks you meet at the pub….the guy nxt to us at stirling market now sells hemp, bamboo and organic cotton t shirts they go down a storm and his prints are great too……..I do have a hemp shirt bought it in QLD years ago its great for studio wear and very faded now it used to be a cool green.. anyhoo great looking pots as usual hope you get to a bisque cycle soon……

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    The bowl is awesome. Your consistency in developing your own style is admirable. I can’t seem to hit a groove and stay there. I’m always diverted by the next bright sparkly thing.

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