Two Bug Days…

Dad and Sofia days today and tomorrow. It’s 55 and sunny and is supposed to be 74 and sunny so we will be having a good time. We have our usual dog walking and chinese lunch together but today is the second day of the St. James Art Fair. It’s one of the biggest in the country (I know, everyone says that) and we were thinking about going down and seeing if we could meet one of our blogging friends, John Bauman. I don’t usually go down there anymore because it’s usually pandemonium and there’s no place within a mile to park so we’ll see. If you combine that it’s usually so crowded you can’t walk with good weather, plantar fasciitis and a 4 year old, plans start to disintegrate quickly but if my feet feel ok after walking the dog and Sofia’s in a good walking mood, we might try. It’d be fun to meet a fellow potter blogger, although I’m sure that Ron Philbeck’s got the award for meeting the most of them for this year. Anyway, I’m off and here’s a nighttime shot of some yunomis from yesterday…



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One Response to “Two Bug Days…”

  1. Michael Kline Says:

    Supposed to be nice here in the mountains too. I’m so envious of the time you spend with Sophie. Seems like I haven’t seen my girls for the last two weeks of craziness! I look forward to some qt with mine after all of this kiln stuff is behind me.

    Have fun at the fair. Takes some pics!

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