Urban Adventures…

Sofia and I had a whirlwind Saturday. After walking Sunglasses, we had our weekly lunch together at Red Pepper which Sofia likes to call Red Pooper… go figure. I took the camera because we were planning to go to the St. James Art Fair afterward. Here’s the bug picking water chestnuts out of her soup (her favorite)…


Another attraction of Red Pooper is the giant mirror there that’s the size of an entire wall that makes the dining room look much larger than it really is. Sofia likes to dance in front of it and examine every pore and hair on her face… and of course her tongue…



We decided to attempt the fair against my better judgment. One of my car’s “idiosyncracies” is that it starts to overheat if I sit at stop lights and drive in stop and go traffic. The main road to get to the fair had a detour that sent us onto the University of Louisville campus and we could see the street (3rd Street) from all the dead end parking lots on the campus but there is no through road… the result was that by time I got over to 2nd Street my car was getting close to overheating so we grabbed the first space on the street and got out to walk. So we started out by walking 7 blocks to get to where the actual booths were (there are 750 booths). St. James is just as I remembered it only moreso. It reminded me of a summer trip to Venice meaning that there are so many people crowding the sidewalks and roads that walking at a normal pace is impossible and keeping track of a 4 year old demanded handholding or carrying the entire time. John Bauman, the blogger I mentioned yesterday, has a choice booth right at the epicenter of the fair on St. James Court which is situated in what we refer to as Old Louisville. Apparently he’s been doing this particular fair for quite some time and it’s in an old neighborhood near downtown with 3 story victorian houses. We met John and his wife but fortunately he was busy with sales so we didn’t bother him for too long. Here’s the fountain directly across from his booth…


After that we found another potter friend and listened to violinists, then a guitar, flute and clarinet trio, then a very young jazz keyboardist. On the way back to the car, we heard the shouts of “free burgoo” from the yard of one of those victorian houses and I looked up to see a former employee of ours and alum of Murray State. They had made way too much burgoo and were trying to get passers by to partake. They also claimed that along with the other assortment or meats, there was venison and squirrel in it. Then we made our way back to the car… this took quite some time as Sofia had to go the whole way walking on top of the concrete barriers that keep the lawns from overtaking the sidewalks…


The car was a welcome site to me because I had seriously overdone it with my feet. They felt like someone had hammered a nail into each of my heels but it was a beautiful day and we had a good time and saw some potters, pots and listened to some live music.


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8 Responses to “Urban Adventures…”

  1. ron Says:

    Hey, Sounds like a fun day out. I like Bauman’s pots. Those gourd knobs are fun and very realistic. Still a few months left in the year to meet more bloggers!

  2. Miri Says:

    Sounds like a great day (but sorry about the painful feet). What is burgoo?

  3. cindy shake Says:

    Great way to spend an Autumn Day! Thanks for the link to your friends John’s Blog -what wonderful fall-ware he has created!!

  4. meredith Says:

    Food for the body and soul.
    Nice to be out among the world now and again.

  5. jen mecca Says:

    You are such a brave and nobal man for taking a four year old to a street fair. My hero! Sophia is a lucky girl. By the way, I really like those large bowls with the yellow glaze. Wonderful! Jen

  6. ang Says:

    another grand day out for you and the bug….mmmmm something very curious in sophia’s smile in front of the fountain…haha love the concrete balancing shot too…happy days..

  7. gary Says:

    and hey, a pic of you and the BUG! Man, sorry about your feet, but it looks like the rains held off!

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