What Woke You Up This Morning?…

For me it was a slimy dog tongue thrust way into my left ear. Just in case, it was unpleasant and I was unable to resume sleep. It’s still feels like it’s a little wet in there even though I keep sticking my finger in my ear to check and come up dry. I will have pieces in 4 different shows for the holidays and will be taking pots down to the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts (KMAC) today for one of them. So I’ll be heading out in about a half hour which means not a lot of time for all this blogging stuff today. Here’s the big bowls I have done so far, one more, then the yunomis, then put the slip on and I should have a kilnload and be able to bisque by the end of the week… hopefully sooner.



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8 Responses to “What Woke You Up This Morning?…”

  1. meredith Says:

    Hey- I like the over lap on the tray as well- sometimes I do it and other times I don’t.
    About cards- we are big card/domino players around here.
    There is a game we play called Scopa- you have to find the cards on line.
    I think you could teach Ms. Sofia to play.
    If you are interested look for the rules and cards on line.
    Or just stop over- beer and cards???
    Best for all your shows.

  2. kellyTpottery Says:

    We have two dogs, one of which is a small, rat dog. She is a real licker and her tongue can get so far down in your ear, that it feels like she’s licking your brain. Ugh! I can hardly stand to even think about it!

    Good luck on all your shows.

  3. Eugene Hon Says:

    they look great best of luck with the show. Nothing sexy about the dog licking – I am cat lover – their licking is like sandpaper so count your blessings you don’t have a licking cat. Hope it all goes well.

  4. ang Says:

    cool happy showing to you and the kiln load this week..just lit mine an hour ago warming up slowwwwwww……..

  5. zygote Says:

    Congrats on the shows!

  6. Amanda Barr Hawkins Says:

    I’d rather the ear licking than the way I awoke this morning- toe munching. Seems my husband left early this morning and forgot to feed them, and the kittens decided that my feet would make a good kibble substitute. OW!

  7. Jason Says:

    Nothing like a little dog tongue in the ear!

    Thanks for all of your comments on The Jason Show. I really appreciate them!

  8. Michael Mahan Says:

    We’ve got a dog that likes to probe the nose if you’re not careful. There’s been times when I’ve thought he reached the brain.

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