Le Grand Experiment…

Sunday night, while trying to go to sleep and worrying that I’m getting behind on my deadline, I had an idea… would I get significantly more done on Monday if I just got up, went into the studio and didn’t even turn on the computer all day? So I did, I got up with the dog, took her out, and went directly into the studio and got to work… oh yeah, I remember this. It was cool and going to rain and I thought, it’s too early to jam so I put on the classical music station. It was really nice. So I’m sitting there with my wee paintbrush and the classical DJ is running down the schedule of what concerts are playing around town and she says… “the Louisville Orchestra will be playing Shostakovich’s 10th symphony on blah, blah, blah…” and I thought, if I weren’t a potter and had some money I’d go see that. Then she said… “we’re giving away a pair of free tickets to the seventh caller blah, blah, blah, here’s the number…” and I thought, I’m not gonna get up and call over and over to get busy signals, whatever, and I keep working and forget about it. The next piece, like many classical pieces is about 15 or 20 minutes long and I started thinking about my painting teacher at Murray State University. His name was Luke and he died in a tragic auto accident quite some time ago but in 1979 or so he introduced my to Shostakovich which was playing on a cassette tape in his very old Toyota Corona <– not a typo… at the time Toyota had Corollas, Celicas and Coronas and Luke's Corona had 300,000 miles on it. The windshield wipers didn't work and he told me about a time in a huge downpour that he took his shoelaces out of his shoes and tied one to each wiper and snaked the ends of the laces through the almost closed windows, tied the ends together and pulled side to side to get the wipers to work. Anyway, we're in his Corona driving out to the Land Between The Lakes where he had built a house from scratch, listening to Shostakovich, with my girlfriend from Quito, Ecuador. I was totalled enamored with Luke's irreverence, it was one of his main character traits and put off a lot of young students. So we went to his abode at LBL that had no bathroom (an outhouse) and no HVAC but it did have a rather large patch of cannabis 100 yards from the back door and he didn't grow this to make clothing or paper for government documents. It was an idyllic day in an idyllic setting, my girlfriend cooked some Ecuadorian thing with black beans for lunch and Luke was very funny and inspiring. … so back to yesterday, I start to rinse my wee brush to go to get a drink of water and the woman DJ says… "we didn't give away those tickets because something went wrong with the phone system, so we're gonna try again" and right as I'm walking out of the studio where the phone is attached to the wall she gives the number again and without thinking, I pick it up and dial, sure that I'll get a busy signal, hang up and head to the sink. "Hello, you're the 7th caller and you've won the Shostakovich tickets". Well I've never called a radio station in my life and now that I'm batting 1000, I will probably never again but I am going to see the orchestra play Shostakovich's 10th symphony, here's an album cover with what looks like Vladimir Putin conducting…


Not sure what the lesson is about changing your routine but it was a fine morning and I did get quite a bit more done than I would have. Got all the bowls and cup so far slipped…


I had a small elfin helper while I was slipping…


Then later that night we met our good friends Coco and Andy for some beers and conversation and Sofia had a great time playing with both of them, so much so, that we didn’t leave until past her bedtime and she would’ve stayed longer if we had let her. Here’s Andy and Coco with a flying fish they caught going out the door…



9 Responses to “Le Grand Experiment…”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Even after seeing many pics of your little helper, she is still so cute & photogenic that it catches me off guard sometimes. Like the elfen pic above.

    Enjoy the concert!

  2. Becky Jo Says:

    Oh man! What a fantastically strange morning for you. I dig the thought process.. totally weird associations leading to free tickets!

    It’s stinkin’ cold here in the midwest, so my mornings are starting different. Get up, fire up the space heater in the studio… putter on the internet with a hot chocolate until I feel it’s warm enough down there. Perhaps I’ll change it again, and see what happens.. 🙂

  3. Blum Says:

    All the cool stuff happens befor the sun comes up!

  4. cindy shake Says:

    Great story, 🙂 routines can be good but as artist’s I think we need to mix it up a bit to keep the creativity flowing. SERENDIPITY!

  5. judy Shreve Says:

    What discipline to go a morning without the computer — it’s my biggest time-waster!
    And see – you were rewarded with concert tickets — and the way it played out — those tickets were meant for you!

  6. gary Says:

    is your child a bit of a HAM????????????

  7. meredith Says:

    How very cool! What a great story and thoughts and tickets!
    Enjoy- meant to be!

  8. cynthia Says:

    Cool story – I think sometimes if the mood is right and cosmic forces align – it’s good to to switch it up. Even better that you were rewarded for your efforts and afforded a trip down memory lane to boot.
    You know, you’re a great writer…
    And, I’ll agree with others – Sofia is adorabubblicious (my daughter’s phrase that’s stuck in our vocabulary at present). 😀

  9. Diablo con queso Says:

    that old memory lane keeps breakin my heart

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