The Great White Hunter…

After a long day yesterday and putting the bug down to bed, I hurried downstairs to watch the Craft In America show. It was fun to watch although the end suggested that a second hour was to follow but it didn’t, at least where I live. Anyway, early in the show we heard a really loud rummaging sound from toward the kitchen… almost like Sunglasses had gotten a’hold of a large plastic bag of chicken wings and couldn’t get the damn bag open. I looked in the hallway and the mighty huntress was fast asleep on her couch. Not sure how she could sleep through it but there you have it. Anyway I sneaked out and turned the light on and my cat-like reflexes, which include hearing, located the noise as coming from our pantry on the floor. This pantry is only about 3′ x 3′ floor to ceiling with a door. I opened the door and a huge mouse or regular sized rat walked in no big hurry past me and went behind the refrigerator. I’m not gonna say this was a rat for two reasons… first, I really don’t like the idea that a rat was in my house and second, I don’t want to insult the professional taxonomists that might stumble upon this. I looked on wikipedia and although people generally call large mouse-like creature rats and small ones mice, it says that this really doesn’t apply to the taxonomy of the family/subfamily/genus and that the family is extremely complex. All that aside this was about 6 inches long not including the tail. Every 4 or 5 years we get a small mouse infestation and I have to get out the traps and I have one trap that’s bigger called a rattrap. I located that and loaded it up with peanut butter and put it on the floor of the pantry and went back to Craft In America, figuring that it might not work but for now I’d done my due diligence. I was raised to hunt by my dad but by time I was a senior in high school, I gave it up because I realized that I really didn’t like to kill things even though my dad’s hard and fast rule was that if you kill it, you eat it. We ate squirrel occasionally and I liked it and in the past few years when the city squirrels (there’s about 1000 on my block) wouldn’t let me grow tomatoes in my yard, I started to think my swearing off of killing animals might have been too hasty. Anyway, if a critter presents a threat to our health, then all bets are off and if I remember I’ll relate the story of shooting at mice in my kitchen with my dad’s .22 caliber pistol… I know, only in Kentucky. So this morning Sofia, Mom and Sunglasses went downstairs and I tried to remain asleep but kept hearing Mom shout Sunglasses, NO! over and over. I went down and she was trying to keep it away from the rat/mouse. I wanted to get a good picture but had to get it out of the house. Later I went out to photograph it and realized that I had nothing for scale and was too lazy to go get something so I put my foot in the shot… that’s a size 10 1/2 or 43 if you’re European…


Later, when I got this photo on the computer, I thought maybe I should send it to Birkenstock’s to see if they wanted to use it in an ad campaign maybe. I’m finishing up the last stragglers this morning and running a bisque tonight. Here’s some of the yunomis and the last bowl that still needs some slip…



I guess I’ll be mixing up some glazes later and I’m looking forward to dipping into the new fresh bag of non-chunky wollastonite.


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13 Responses to “The Great White Hunter…”

  1. Charles the Potter Says:

    Sorry Jim, that’s a rat.

    Loved the Craft in America show, at least the 15 minutes I was awake for. I saw the Mark Hewitt introduction, then promptly fell asleep to see the last bit about the blacksmith and the Mark Hewitt conclusion.

    • Michael Kline Says:

      I thought the segment about Mr. Simmons the blacksmith had the most weight and poignancy. The Hewitt/Jugtown segment were fine but rang slightly hollow.

  2. Matt Says:

    Poor little fella. I’ll bet his name was Javier, and he just thought he was part of the family. Why, I’d guess he had committed that whole Craft in America episode to memory. Nonetheless, I confess that my yard is a veritable graveyard full of Marthas and Biffs and Faustos and what have you.

  3. meredith Says:

    oh those mice/rats- pesky little buggers!
    The craft in america was pretty good and here in NC we raised some money for the North Carolina Pottery Center with viewing parties.
    went pretty well raised about 1500. at the one I helped with.
    I hate rats!

  4. cindy shake Says:

    First-Holy Rat Cr@p Batman!!!! I would have FREAKED out because of it’s size!!
    Second-Wasn’t the Craft in America program WONDERFUL, lucky Alaska, we did get the second show. I was thrilled because I had just read a post from Bulldog Pottery on the show and then it was on yippee!! The show got me all fired up and re-inspired to appreciate being an art maker. I think I know what my sweet husband is getting me for Christmas (PBS offered the two season DVD set!) Third- I have those exact same shoes, I’m wearing them right now :o)

  5. Miri Says:

    Yuck! We have plenty of those mice/rat critters in the yard/jungle but none get into the house. Good bless concrete! (hopefully I’m not jinxing myself). Glad there was a happy ending to the story (at least for you guys, that is!).

  6. elfriede Says:

    yup…if it was walking away instead of running/scurrying it was a “rrrrrrt”.We had a few stroll into the house back when we’d leave the back door open for the dogs to go out and come back in…big mistake. That’s the city for ya. I fell in love with my son’s classroom pet rats, so the photo is a little bit sad for me (a little bit).

  7. Matt Says:

    Who could forget Sparky? That might be worth a blog post sometime.

  8. ang Says:

    ha ha love the image, oh yeh send it send it!!

  9. peter Says:

    We enjoyed watching the movie, Ratatouille, a few months back. I guess I now have the warm fuzzy idea that rats are actually thoughtful, clean animals that make great Chefs!

    Our cat has rid this place of mice and rats quite effectively since he moved in. We usually have a problem here in the winter time with little creatures that like to share what ever heat we are attempting to enjoy.

    Years ago we had a mouse that was so tame that I named him Harold. He would occasionally walk through the kitchen with great casualness in the middle of the morning. One day, I got up early, around 5am, and had a cup of tea in front of our wood fire in the kitchen. Whilst I was seated there Harold walked into the kitchen, and stood for a few moments quite close to my chair in the warmth of the fire (I kid you not!). Sadly, I had to resort to trapping Harold when he produced a wife and rapidly growing family. I hated doing it, but it was appalling to hear high pitched squeaking from under the refrigerator, and to cope with their mess. Yurk!

  10. gary Says:

    RAAAAT! Sunglasses is earning her keep!

  11. nadia Says:

    glad i’m not the only one dealing with rats! that show was great!

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