No Rats, Just A Bug…

Didn’t hear or catch any rats last night. It’s our weekly Dad and bug days, today and tomorrow, replete with dog walking, errands and Dad and Sofia lunch at the Red Pooper. My friend Vern, the digital artist whose pictures I post occasionally (click “vern” under “categories” in the right column), is stopping by and will accompany us at lunch. Somewhere in there, we’re gonna unload the bisque and I will happily be ready to start glazing Monday. I managed a peek when we got up…


Sayanara y feliz fin de semana.


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6 Responses to “No Rats, Just A Bug…”

  1. gary Says:

    mmm mmmm good!

  2. Eugene Hon Says:

    Enjoy the lunch and I m sure a few beers, best of luck with the glazing – always such a mundane job, but can ruin everything. With your meticulous attention to detail and perfection in every stage of the process it can only be a success. cheers on the beers

  3. Patricia Griffin Says:

    The bisque looks great. The crispness of the white porcelain with the outlined designs. I like it just like this too!

  4. jen Says:

    Oh man, I just got caught up on your rat story. I would be in hysterics! Just finding the stuff my cats catch in my studio and at times bring through our cat door freak me out. A rat in the pantry in my cozy house would….well…I’m glad I”m the year of the sheep! ( or am I)
    Good luck with staying rat free! Jen

  5. Amy H Says:

    And a beautiful bug at that. Hope the rats don’t visit you again. We talked about the rats today at Clayworks.

  6. zygote Says:

    i love this bisque load even more than the last… amazing!

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