It was a beautiful autumn weekend… high 40’s in the morning warming to a sunny 68 and breezy by late afternoon. Took the bug on a “long” hike over on the mountain bike trails in the park. We ended up by the creek throwing these large furry acorns into the overflowing water. We managed to see a uniquely Kentucky site… two men came out of the hedge along the creek with dirty wife beater t-shirts, one was very large and the other half his size but both were carrying a “cultivator” rake like this…


They went immediately from the brush to their truck and returned to the base of the giant oak sans rakes but the large man had a 10 gallon gasoline can and what looked like a bag to hold a video camera whilst the other man had something cupped between his hands. The large man poured water from the gas can over the other man’s hands and then they plopped down at the base of the tree. The large man say cross-legged with a camera and the other man put his hands against the base of the trunk… holding a snake. We sneaked up and watched for about 5 minutes while the smaller man tried to pose the snake for a photograph while not letting it slither off. Sofia had questions but sometimes the end of a long line of “why’s” only confuses more than enlightens. I’m glad they weren’t killing it. By time we got back to the car, the bug was all in and ready for a beer. It’s a glazing week here and I hope to get everything ready to fire by Wednesday or Thursday. Here’s some bisque shots from the shelves, there’s some overlap…





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6 Responses to “Trailblazing…”

  1. zygote Says:

    A well stocked bisque shelf is such a happy sight.

  2. gary Says:

    motherf#cking snakes in the park!!! I could never live there amigo….

  3. kyle Says:

    ummm, sounds like you two stumbled upon a very odd scene…I think your lucky they kept their clothes on while snapping pictures…also, beer and glazing go very well together.

  4. ang Says:

    happy glazing..

  5. cynthia Says:

    Everything looks so great – love fresh bisque!

    I thought for sure that you were going to say that the guys were going to light the snake on fire or something….

  6. meredith Says:

    Strage goings on in your neck of the woods…….
    I hope no snakes were harmed in the shooting of the pictures!
    Beer is good!

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