It’s All Over But The Crying…

Hopefully not… managed to get the kiln going last night and woke this morning to this…


So another hour or so and it will hit 1500 and the firing will be all over and hopefully late tomorrow I won’t be crying but happy instead of how all the yunomis and bowls came out. I’m trying not to worry about it but when I was mixing up some extra glaze to augment what I already had, I dipped a test tile halfway into each batch to see about thicknesses before pouring the two together. Later when the test tile was dry and I had cast it aside because I was only interested in testing thickness, I caught a glimpse of it out the corner of my eye, picked it up and the 2 dried samples of the same glaze were different colors… only slightly different colors but it doesn’t inspire confidence. I’m sure there are all kinds of potential reasons for this to have happened but the only way I’ll know is when I crack that kiln tomorrow. On another note, when we rescued Sunglasses from the pound I remembered having a conversation about her getting to know her new home and how it would take a certain amount of time for her to become comfortable. I came downstairs yesterday and saw her blanket on the couch and thought… where is she? she’s usually right here. Upon closer inspection I realized that she was completely under the blanket with just her snout peeking out. She heard me when I got close with the camera and yawned…


I guess she’s gotten to the point where she’s comfortable and it’s good to have a bone nearby so if she wakes for a chew she won’t have to exert herself too much… next to the hole that she ate in the couch before she was comfortable. Of course maybe getting under the blanket means she uncomfortable like everyone else has been for the last couple days since it’s about 50-55 degrees in the house. It kills me to put the heat on so early but the forecast doesn’t suggest that the temperature is gonna spike any again. I didn’t have time until today but I have to put plastic over the two non-insulated windows in the house before turning on the heat which I will do today. I’m thinking of getting one of those nice space heaters to manage the heat this winter… haven’t decided yet.


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7 Responses to “It’s All Over But The Crying…”

  1. Patricia Griffin Says:

    OK, no use crying yet!… I predict that you’ll open the kiln and love the results!

  2. meredith Says:

    I want a kiln with a window! Someone will come up with this.
    The waiting is the hardest part.
    On glazes.
    We noted difference in color when fresh mixed to glaze when it has “aged” a bit.
    Use to drive us mad- now I don’t think about it.
    Just go on with it and see what comes out.
    That Sunglasses…I would call that a “lucky” dog!

  3. Becky Jo Says:

    How can you ever be mad at Sunglasses? He’s so cute, even when he’s next to a gaping hole in your couch. Same with Shelby… she doesn’t know that she’s not supposed to go on the floor, but she’s so dern cute, we just can’t be mad at her…

    I’m sure your glaze will come out beautimus.. it’s just the waiting that stinks! 🙂

  4. ron Says:

    I have had that same thing happen when I mix a new slip or glaze. Hopefully, they’ll be fine. Cute pic of the puppy.

  5. Peter Says:

    I’m with Meredith on that, a kiln with a window, that’s what we need! Given that silica is supposed to melt at around 1720 degrees Centigrade, surely some sort of fibre optic cable could be made, and the whole lot could send the image digitally to the computer so we could all sit at our computers in comfort (ie wrapped up in a blanket with the dog/cat) blogging away whilst keeping an eye on the contents of the kiln! And… post reality kiln video! Sky might even put on a reality kiln tv channel! What fun! Know what you mean about kiln cooling anxiety and, oops I think something might have been wrong with the glaze that is on all my pots that are now at 1800 degrees!
    Good Luck!

  6. gary Says:

    man….I have space heaters in the studio because I FREEZE back there, and amigo, lotsa snow predicted for central NY the next few days….sh!T!

  7. kellyTpottery Says:

    Oooooo, good luck with that glaze. Been there, and its a scary place to be! Sunglasses is ultra cute all snuggled up under the blanket with a bone right there. Poor thing has a hard life, huh?

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